After YETI Cuts Ties With The NRA, Their Top Competitor Responds With The Perfect Post

Corporate America hasn’t minded partnering with the National Rifle Association in the past. Even in the wake of shooting tragedies, many companies have stood steadfastly by the Second Amendment’s side.

But after the absurd media circus that has surrounded the Parkland shooting, a noticeable shift has occurred. The left has stooped to new lows, shamelessly using high school students as political props and vilifying anyone who is pro-gun by saying they’re anti-children.

It’s caused many big companies to run scared, including Enterprise, MetLife, Best Western, Delta, and United Airlines.

The latest company to join the boycott bandwagon has been the popular cooler brand YETI, who make products often used by outdoorsmen who own firearms. But YETI isn’t the only cooler game in town, and one company is swooping in to put YETI on ice.

From Red State:

In response to YETI’s decision to toss [the NRA] and leave it, RTIC pulled up quick to retrieve it and made it a point to let their customers know that they’re not pushing away their values by posting a picture of the 2nd Amendment on their Facebook page.

Posted by RTIC Coolers on Sunday, April 22, 2018

The response to the Facebook post has been overwhelmingly positive.

Treavor Green commented, “The fact that Rtic posted this will ensure my purchases from them in the future. I respect the fact that they have not yet folded to liberal pressure.”

Another Facebook commenter, John Molnar Jr., stated, “I’ll be honest… I just liked this page. I probably wasn’t going to buy anything. However now that I know what side of the fence you stand on, I guarantee you that I will be making a purchase in the near future from you.”

RTIC’s competition has just shot themselves in the foot, so to speak, by ostracizing a majority of their base. YETI, and the other companies boycotting the NRA, are beginning to realize that boycotts can go both ways.

One YETI customer, Bryan Atkinson of South Carolina, was so disgusted with the company’s decision that he filled his YETI cooler with explosives and used a shotgun to blow it up, stating, ““YETI can’t stand behind the NRA, I ain’t standing behind YETI no more.”

Atkinson is likely the first of many outdoorsmen who will no longer be purchasing YETI products, and hopefully it sends a strong message to companies refusing to support our Constitutional rights. If you won’t stand with us, we won’t stand with you!

Source: Red State

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