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7 Year Old Sings USA National Anthem At MLS Cup…And Nails It
What an amazing talent
By Gordon Greene|December 14, 2018

Sometimes we need a break from all politics and just enjoy some good ole Patriotism.

The 2018 Major League Soccer Cup just kicked off and the USA national anthem was sung by 7 year old actress  Malea Emma.

At first I was a bit unsure, as most 7 year olds don’t have a very powerful voice.

But I gave it a watch and was BLOWN AWAY!

Check it out:

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Isn’t she amazing?

It’s so rare to see that much power coming from such a small child. She is going to grow up to be quite a performer!

And can I also just take a moment to say…


We need more positivity spread around Newsfeeds these days. We are proud to be Americans and we need to protect our American values!

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Source: Youtube

Gordon Greene
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