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Legendary Actor Skewers Hollywood – Dreyfuss Says Their “Woke” Agenda “Makes Me Vomit”
By Roman Kireev|May 8, 2023
Legendary Actor Skewers Hollywood – Dreyfuss Says Their “Woke” Agenda “Makes Me Vomit”

What’s Happening:

Hollywood liberals love it when fans fawn over their movies and shows. But actors who aren’t on board with their politics? They regularly experience harassment and blacklisting. 

Despite that, we still find an occasional actor who decides to speak out against them. Like the legendary Richard Dreyfuss. 

He knows that challenging a mob takes guts. And for him, Hollywood makes him feel like losing his lunch. 

From Breitbart:

“They make me vomit,” he replied.

When questioned why, Dreyfuss explained art shouldn’t be governed by the latest “moral” fad. 

“Because this is an art form,” he said. “It’s also a form of commerce, and it makes money, but it’s an art.” 

“And no one should be telling me as an artist that I have to give in to the latest, most current idea of what morality is,” he added.

He also argued one cannot “legislate” over the perceived slighting of others. 

He couldn’t be more right. Inclusivity standards are thoughtless and patronizing because they are hypocritical, and modern Hollywood will popularize an actor as long as they get the liberal stamp of approval. Or at least, as long as they do not speak out against the liberal witch-hunting.

“Hollyweird” cannot replace civics education because the purpose of civics is to create informed and engaged citizens. The glamour of Hollywood serves as a distraction so that Americans do not talk about real issues. 

Of course, commercials are the starting point for many actors. But it doesn’t mean getting paid for political advertisement is okay. 

Dreyfuss also argues from personal conviction. Yes, some liberals promote their politics out of sincere beliefs. But not only do others not believe what they get paid to preach, but they also do not have to personally experience the hardships they make up. 

That’s disgusting for many Americans. Why can’t we just enjoy tv shows and movies without a liberal actor spinning tall tales about politics and trying to dictate how we should feel about it? Hollywood weaponizes liberal actors’ charisma to get people to believe them at face value. 

Actors should not have to use their talent to promote politics. Instead, they need to stick with what they do best – acting for entertainment purposes. 

Key Takeaways

  • Richard Dreyfuss roasted Hollywood in an interview on PBS’s Firing Line with Margaret Hoover, saying it “makes me vomit.” 
  • Hollywood now has the nickname “Hollyweird” thanks to its patronizing inclusivity standards. 
  • Dreyfuss, who is a legendary actor, would probably have not become famous in today’s liberal Hollywood scene. 

Source: Breitbart

Roman Kireev
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