Anti-Trump Emails Expose A Global Lie Democrats Are Telling Their Own Party

How could anyone trust Democrats when they lie to their own party members?

Given the fact that conservative America continually accuses leftists of being hypocritical liars, you’d think the DNC would want to fix their terrible reputation.

At the very least, they could act civil toward fellow Democrats and deliver real news and updates via email campaigns.

Instead, it seems Congressional Democrats have been caught in what amounts to a fake email campaign in order to smear President Donald Trump.

Despite the endless piles of proof and the recent investigation that cleared Trump of all wrongdoing in that ridiculous Russia scandal, leftists refuse to give up.

Their latest scheme involves the ongoing Robert Mueller issue, and fundraising emails that are spreading lies to the Democratic Party.

Via The Daily Caller:

Congressional Democrats are now lying to their supporters about the Russia investigation in an effort to pump up their fundraising efforts ahead of the midterm elections.

Democrats will do anything for money, won’t they?

In the fundraising emails in question, they say that if they can “gather 1,000,000 signatures, it will FORCE Trump to cooperate with the investigation once and for all.”

This, of course, is patently false.

Another email says, “We’re the only ones left who can help Robert Mueller.” Also false.

BuzzFeed reporter Dominic Holden pointed out the misleading emails and made a very true statement:


Democrats wonder why America was taken away from them in the 2016 election, and why Donald Trump is in the White House and not Hillary Clinton.

The answer is simple: we’re sick of the endless Democrat lies. And yet, they just can’t stop; this is proof that no matter what happens, you just can’t trust a leftist.

More and more U.S. citizens are starting to realize that, too. Thankfully.

Source: The Daily Caller

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