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Just Days Before Biden’s Bad Border Decision – Major Democrat City Sounds the Alarm Against Joe
By Roman Kireev|May 1, 2023
Just Days Before Biden’s Bad Border Decision – Major Democrat City Sounds the Alarm Against Joe

What’s Happening:

Biden’s decisions have been rubbing Democrats the wrong way lately. Many no longer want to live in blue states. High crime rates due to gun control, overcrowding, and impossible costs of living are just a few reasons why they have been fleeing to red states since covid-19 lockdowns started in 2020. 

That’s because they don’t want to personally deal with the effects of their own policies. Now, Biden is about to make a decision that will make things worse for everyone. Even one Democrat city is trying to do damage control, although terribly. 

From The Daily Caller:

The Democratic-run border city of El Paso, Texas, will declare a state of emergency Monday in anticipation of the end of a major Trump-era migrant expulsion order, known as Title 42, the city’s mayor announced at a press conference Sunday.[…]

The emergency declaration will last seven days and will be brought to the El Paso City Council for a 30-day extension. The city has already received $22.5 million to address the migrant crisis, $15 million of which hasn’t yet been spent, Leeser said, adding that there will be requests for additional funds.

This is nothing more than a band-aid. Throwing money and resources at illegal immigrants is not taking care of the community unless you consider them to be more important than citizens, as Democrats do. 

Yes, illegal immigrants should have legal channels to be able to stay in the United States. It’s just not a free-for-all where anyone can claim asylum so they can get in and get benefits that many citizens don’t have even have. 

Title 42 was Trump’s public health order to expel illegal immigrants. But ever since Biden has been in office, he has been undoing everything Trump has done. Letting Title 42 end on May 11th is more of the same. 

So we’re supposed to let Democrats seek asylum in red states and illegal immigrants seek asylum in blue areas? Because Dems talking about needing stronger border security doesn’t make sense if they allow illegal immigrants to keep coming. 

It’s fine as long as they can blame Republicans for anything bad that happens, though, right? El Paso will ask for even more money to give them shelter while hundreds of thousands of Americans are homeless. And we can expect citizens to feel the burn from the migrant crisis and this fresh wave of government spending if there isn’t serious pushback.

Key Takeaways:

  • Democrat-run El Paso to declare a state of emergency following Title 42 expiration. 
  • Title 42, which expelled illegal immigrants from the U.S. for health reasons, ends on May 11th.
  • The border city has received $22.5 million in federal taxpayer dollars so far. 

Source: Daily Caller

Roman Kireev
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