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Americans Furious Over Newest Biden Leak – Guess Who Visited the White House 10 Times?
By Jon Brenner|July 8, 2024
Americans Furious Over Newest Biden Leak – Guess Who Visited the White House 10 Times?

Joe Biden’s presidency is like a sinking ship with a clueless captain. Concerns over his mental health have exploded, especially after his embarrassing debate performance. The White House tries to brush it off as an “off night,” but we all know better.

More Americans believe Joe Biden is too old to be president. A mutiny is growing among Democrats. The liberal establishment is clinging to their nominee, but cracks are showing. They can’t ignore the mounting evidence.

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And the biggest piece of evidence just landed in America’s lap today.

From The Washington Times:
“A neurologist and Parkinson’s disease specialist has made nearly a dozen visits to the White House Medical Unit, visitor logs show, raising new questions about President Biden’s fitness for office as he battles efforts to push him off the 2024 ballot.

Dr. Kevin R. Cannard, a Bethesda neurologist and movement disorder specialist affiliated with Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, visited the office of the White House Medical Unit ten times dating back to November 2022, the visitor logs show. The logs, last updated on July 1, show Dr. Cannard visited the White House most recently on March 28.”

Are you kidding me? All this time the White House has been asked questions about Biden’s health, and they told America with a straight face that he was more than fine. In fact, his aides struggled to keep up with them! Instead, it turns out he has been visited regularly by a neurologist, can’t operate normally outside the hours of 10AM and 4PM, and just admitted he needs an earlier bedtime.

Conservative media has covered Biden’s gaffes and blunders since the 2020 election, noting serious concerns about his mental capability to be president. The presidential debate laid bare Biden’s poor mental state for all to see, and now the truth about the White House’s cover-up operation is leaking like a sieve.

Media Cover-Up and Damage Control

And there’s plenty more evidence to ignore any pundits who claim there’s “nothing to see here.” Even Michael Moore, a staunch Democrat, has started to voice his concerns.

From Mediaite:
On the latest episode of his Rumble podcast, Moore said he was ‘gobsmacked’ watching the debate and dismissed reasons like jet lag and a cold from Biden and his team as ‘malarkey’ excuses for Biden’s performance. Amid growing calls for Biden to be replaced at the top of the Democratic Party’s ticket, Moore questioned whether he should even remain in the White House until November.

“The problem here is that I think there is a form of elder abuse going on here where the Democratic Party and the people that are part of the apparatus are pushing and pushing him to stay.”

When you lose one of your strongest supporters, you know there’s a problem. Moore may be off-the-wall sometimes, but he seems to be brutally obvious here about Biden’s performance—and had a clear realization of Biden’s condition. He even expressed sympathy for Joe and knows staying in the White House is the last thing he should be doing.

Meanwhile, Biden isn’t helping the situation at all as he continues to make bizarre comments that raise eyebrows.

From Fox News:
“President Biden told a room full of supporters in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania Sunday that Philadelphia always got him ‘across the line’ when he was running for the U.S. Senate. However, Biden was a U.S. Senator from Delaware, not from Pennsylvania.

‘Even when I was running for Senate, each time I ran – quite frankly, not a joke – Philadelphia, in particular, got me across the line,’ Biden said, eliciting applause from the audience. ‘No, I’m not joking.'”

A White House in Denial

It’s evident the White House has been aware of Biden’s issues for years. They’ve done their best to hide it from the American public. Conservative news agencies were ridiculed for expressing their concerns. Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming more apparent with each passing day. The media, which once tried to cover for him, is now forced to confront the reality that Biden’s mental state is deteriorating.

The Democratic Party is in disarray. Biden’s refusal to step down, despite mounting evidence of his cognitive decline, is causing a rift within the party. Many Democrats are privately and publicly calling for him to leave the race. The pressure on him to step aside is increasing.

The Road Ahead

The 2024 presidential race is heating up, and Biden’s future looks uncertain. The debate performance, the media’s cover-up, and the growing concerns about his mental health are all taking a toll on his campaign. As more details emerge about Biden’s cognitive decline and the White House’s efforts to hide it, the pressure on him to step down is only increasing.

Despite Biden’s insistence that he’s “not going anywhere,” the evidence is piling up. How long can the Democrats ignore the writing on the wall? The president’s mental state is a ticking time bomb, and everyone knows it. Will they act before it’s too late, or will they let the ship sink?

Key Takeaways:

  • A Parkinson’s specialist visited the White House ten times, raising questions about Biden’s mental health.
  • Michael Moore and other Democrats are calling for Biden to step down due to concerns about his cognitive decline.
  • Biden’s bizarre comments and poor debate performance have increased pressure on him to leave the race.

Trivia Answer: Thomas Edison.

Sources: The Washington TimesMediaiteFox News

EDITOR’S NOTE: Readers, thank you for your continued support as we deliver real news and commentary during historic times in our nation. We have been covering concerns over Biden’s gaffes for years, even during the 2020 Presidential election, while the mainstream media and White House press corps completely dismissed those concerns until they could no longer ignore them. Do not forget the complicity most major media has participated in on behalf of Democrats in power. We hope the events of the past weeks have made clear who can be trusted—and who should not be trusted. Our publication will continue covering the most important news of the day and giving you our honest perspective.

Jon Brenner
Patriot Journal’s Managing Editor has followed politics since he was a kid, with Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush as his role models. He hopes to see America return to limited government and the founding principles that made it the greatest nation in history.
Patriot Journal’s Managing Editor has followed politics since he was a kid, with Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush as his role models. He hopes to see America return to limited government and the founding principles that made it the greatest nation in history.
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