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Insider Report Blindsides President Biden – And This One Gets Hunter’s Daughter in Trouble, Too
By Sally H|July 3, 2023
Insider Report Blindsides President Biden – And This One Gets Hunter’s Daughter in Trouble, Too

What’s Happening:

Influence peddling is a huge indicator of corruption among politicians. More reports keep surfacing about how corrupt President Joe Biden has been for decades. He apparently has no boundaries on where he will peddle his influence to benefit his political allies or family members.

What is even more amazing is how two-faced Biden is when he is protecting himself or attacking his opponents. How Biden not expect people to expose his deception?

After his recent beatdown by the Supreme Court over student loan cancellations, Biden tried to defend his actions as a way to help poor, struggling students burdened by debt. He cried about how his plan was a way to challenge “practices like legacy admissions and other systems that expand privilege instead of opportunity.”

And then he got exposed for spouting out lies from the other side of his stupid grin.

From Breitbart:

In 2018, (according to the Free Beacon) Hunter Biden tapped his father and a number of Biden family connections to help get his daughter (Maisy Biden) into the University of Pennsylvania. Text messages and emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop, reviewed by the Washington Free Beacon, show how Joe and Hunter Biden worked behind the scenes to get a subpar family member into one of the most selective schools in the country.

People need to understand Joe Biden’s connection to UPenn. This is where Joe chose to house boxes and boxes of records that contained classified material at the Penn-Biden center in Washington, D.C. The center is also the focus of controversy where the Biden’s courted foreign donors, according to Breitbart, in efforts to score big business deals.

Not only did UPenn get the Biden name attached to it for prosperity, but the head of the school also received a nice new job after Biden’s granddaughter received her acceptance letter. (She has since graduated.)

From Breitbart:

In July 2021, President Joe Biden nominated [University of Pennsylvania President] Amy Gutmann to serve as his ambassador to Germany. The Senate confirmed Gutmann’s nomination with a 54-42 vote in January 2022.

Joe and Biden aren’t a typical father-son duo. These two grifters – despite drugs and dementia – are masterminds at running an influence peddling scheme. How deep and how wide this scheme runs continues to be exposed with each new report that surfaces.

How much longer will politicians and the people put up with obvious abuses of power in Washington? Hopefully not past 2024.

Key Takeaways:

  • Biden family influence peddling extends even to Joe’s grandkids.
  • Joe and Hunter work in tandem to secure big benefits for the family business.
  • University of Pennsylvania president gets plush ambassador deal from Joe.

Source: Breitbart

Sally H
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