California Passes Sneaky ‘Green’ Measure That Will Decimate Its Economy By 2024

Time and again we see California work against common sense and judgement. Its radically liberal lawmakers seem to be trying to destroy the state. Maybe they are. Because we can’t figure out why they would do this.

Gov. Jerry Brown’s policies have led to titanic disasters. The government has prioritized illegal aliens and social programs over fiscal conservatism. Wage laws have driven jobs out of the state.

Now more bad news for California’s economy. Liberal regulators have voted to shut down a major source of jobs and energy for the state.

Step by step, California is becoming a third-world state.

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From Daily Caller:

California regulators voted unanimously Thursday to shutter the state’s last nuclear power plant by 2025.

The Diablo Canyon nuclear facility is scheduled for an incremental shutdown, phasing out Unit One in 2024 and Unit Two in 2025. The plant produces about 18,000 gigawatt-hours of electricity annually, enough to power 1.7 million homes and nearly 10 percent of California’s energy mix.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) voted to close the nuclear plant as the federal licenses for each unit expire, and move the state toward 100 percent renewable energy.

“With this decision, we chart a new energy future by phasing out nuclear power here in California,” CPUC President Michael Picker said, according to The San Francisco Chronicle. “We’ve looked hard at all the arguments, and we agree the time has come.”

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Good luck with your windmills and solar panels, folks! You won’t be able to charge a cellphone, with your “renewable” energy.

I can understand some people’s concerns over nuclear energy. But moving toward a 100 percent “renewable” solution means no coal-fire or oil plants. California will be left with energy production that cannot meet the huge state’s demands. Energy costs will skyrocket. Everyday citizens will be punished. All because of their leaders’ ridiculous agenda.

The shutting down of the plant will also means a loss of jobs. When a big plant closes, many will turn to unemployment, which may or may not be there depending upon the state’s budget. But I guess California doesn’t care, right? It’s not as if they just passed a sanctuary policy that will attraction millions of new people to their state.

Wait… they did.

Good luck, California. The rest of us will enjoy ample energy and jobs.

Source: Daily Caller

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