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After Trump Gets Major Civil Court Ruling – Donald Calls Decision a “Disgrace,” Plans to Appeal
By Roman Kireev|May 10, 2023
After Trump Gets Major Civil Court Ruling – Donald Calls Decision a “Disgrace,” Plans to Appeal

What’s Happening:

Trump has had the worst time lately. It wasn’t enough for Democrats to hound him and cheer when he was out of office.

He constantly faced allegations of sexual harassment. Without any criminal evidence, they went nowhere. 

So when the court in the E. Jean Carroll civil case ruled against him, he got very angry. And then he made bold counter-statements in response. 

From Fox News:

“This verdict is a disgrace,” he told Fox News Digital. “It is a continuation of the greatest political witch hunt in history.”

Trump told Fox News Digital that he “will appeal.”

“We’ll appeal. We got treated very badly by the Clinton-appointed judge,” Trump said. “And [Carroll] is a Clinton person, too.”

He added, “I have no idea who this woman is.”

Although the verdict is not positive for him, he still has the right to appeal it. He has reason to.

For one thing, it’s questionable that the alleged rape occurred in a department store. Secondly, Clinton appointed the judge, so that’s probably an automatic bias against Trump. 

Another issue is that Trump may not have personally known her at all. If that’s true, then her story falls apart. 

And then, Carroll claimed he is defaming her by saying she fabricated the story after he received the verdict. I think she needs to brush up on what a civil case is.

In a civil case, the alleged victim seeks restitution for their losses. Perhaps the most common example of a civil case is a car accident injury claim.

Anyone who wants to appeal a civil case verdict can state what they think about it. My question is, why is defamation when Trump does it? 

All that needs to happen to win a civil case is to convince the jury that the defendant is liable for the harm the plaintiff suffered. That’s known as “preponderance of the evidence,” which means they believe it more likely than not. 

Defamation is a civil wrong, or tort. But we don’t know for certain that what Trump says is not true. He’s also not dealing with criminal charges and was not asked to sign an NDA. 

I suppose something more serious was bound to happen after all the Trump maligning, since it’s what the Democrats were pushing for all along. It seems to boil down to Carroll’s word against Trump’s. We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of his appeal.

Key Takeaways

  • The court in the Jean E. Carroll civil case ruled against Trump and ordered him to pay $5 million.
  • He stated he will appeal and Carroll completely made up the story. 
  • The court found him liable for sexual abuse and defamation, not rape as Carroll originally alleged.

Source: Fox News

Roman Kireev
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