After CNN Posts Yuge Ratings Loss, Trump Sends Them A Little Love Note

THIS … is CNN.

The network that continues to call itself “the most trusted name in news” has lost the trust of millions of viewers due to their constant bias and irresponsible reporting.

In just the past two years, they’ve managed to become the most hated “news” organization in the country.

Since the election, CNN’s business model has centered around finding the most sensationalist stories possible about the President and using them to turn the public against him.

Hating the president is not news, but CNN continues to treat it as such. They are incapable of reporting on the many positive things this administration has done, and ceaselessly promote a story about an aging adult film star and her lawyer.

Michael Avenatti, Stormy Daniels’ former attorney, was interviewed on CNN an astounding 59 times during March and April. CNN continued to have him on the network often in May, bringing his appearances to a grand total of 74.

At this rate, pretty soon they’re going to make Stormy Daniels a correspondent. Not that it would help their ratings, which have been drastically reduced since CNN became obsessed not just with Daniels, but with the Russia witch hunt.

But after the president saw the recent ratings report, he took to Twitter to write CNN a fitting obituary.

From IJR:

“‘Real @FoxNews is doing great, Fake News CNN is dead!’ the president wrote Saturday before retweeting a report stating that Fox News had outperformed CNN for the 197th month straight.

CNN started off with a whopping 23 percent drop in prime-time ratings during just the first two weeks of May, and the network didn’t fare any better during the rest of the month.

In fact, the full month of May saw a 25 percent fall in CNN’s prime-time viewers compared to the same period last year. The network also experienced a 34 percent plummet in the 25-54 age group.

CNN’s entire viewership are stuck in airport lounges for the most part. Very few people want anything to do with their brand, as it’s been destroyed by their scandalous reporting and flawed message.

What is it going to take for CNN to realize that Americans are sick of the whining partisan hacks that they put on air?

The propaganda that they push 24/7 is so unrealistic and hostile that only the willfully ignorant believe the nonsense they spew. It certainly isn’t “news” in any sense of the term.

Imagine how hard it must be having to find ways to negatively spin every positive accomplishment Trump has made… And note the complete 180 from when Obama was President.

The rise of Fox News over CNN is proof that in the end, the truth will win.

Source: IJR

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