After Comedian “Jokes” About Killing ICE Agents, The Justice Hammer Falls

Liberal comedians are incredibly boring and predictable to watch these days.

For instance, since Trump’s election, SNL just regurgitates the same elitist liberal propaganda.

And it’s not just SNL, as all the late-night shows follow the same formula of bashing Trump to a liberal crowd. It’s unfunny and uninspired, but the Never Trump crowd always eat it up.

However, for the rest of America, it’s all becoming stale, tired, and annoying. Even some liberals are growing weary of constantly being barraged by the same jokes about Donald Trump’s hair.

So what can a liberal comedian do to set themselves apart?

They can, and do, make their jokes violent.

Last year, Kathy Griffin held a replica of Trump’s severed head in what she said was an attempt to be funny. Michelle Wolf kicked off the recent White House Correspondent’s Dinner by joking about killing babies.

But for one comedian, his violent “joke” wound up being on him.

From Western Journal:

“Jake Flores of Brooklyn went on a Twitter rant May 5 about the cultural appropriation of whites, according to BizPac Review.

‘Ok here’s how Cinco de Mayo works in 2018.

White people are allowed to culturally appropriate on the condition that you help to destroy ICE. You kill 1 ICE agent and you get to wear a sombrero. 2 kills and you can wear a pancho,’ he tweeted in a since-deleted post.

Several other tweets continued what Flores called humor, describing what prizes would be given for killing five ICE agents and then for 100 kills.

The next day, he received an unwelcome visit — from the agency whose members he just put in someone’s crosshairs.”

ICE agents did indeed arrive to take Flores to task for what he claimed was “just a joke.”

Flores claimed that ICE entered his apartment and took photographs. Then ICE allegedly said they would be keeping an eye on him, which Flores called, “alarming and annoying”, which, ironically, are words accurately describe his joke.

ICE press secretary Jennifer Elzea stated:

The kind of language expressed in the tweets, even in an allegedly joking manner, is reckless and irresponsible.

It potentially puts at risk those who have taken an oath to uphold the law and protect public safety.

Flores appears to be enjoying his brief moment in the spotlight, gleefully talking about the experience on any podcast that will take him. He also refuses to apologize.

But considering how much the left loves to glorify violent comedians like this, it’s probably only a matter of time before Comedy Central gives Flores his own show.

As long as he keeps throwing out obvious applause lines to an anti-Trump crowd, he can enjoy semi-relevance among an ever shrinking minority in America.

Source: Western Journal

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