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Disgraced Democrat Lands in Federal Court – Former DeSantis Opponent Faces 17 Counts of Fraud, Lying to the FBI
By Roman Kireev|April 20, 2023
Disgraced Democrat Lands in Federal Court – Former DeSantis Opponent Faces 17 Counts of Fraud, Lying to the FBI

What’s Happening: 

Democrats are constantly accusing Republicans of misappropriating funds, but it turns out they have plenty of skeletons in the closet themselves. They just can’t seem to avoid facing criminal charges after the fact. It makes us wonder then how many successful Democrats have engaged in criminal activities to get where they are today. 

After all, it is especially advantageous to run for governor with only one other opponent. It should be a relatively easy win, right? And then the gravy train will come. 

Not so when it comes to experiencing a narrow loss to Ron DeSantis. Thank goodness we got Ron and not this train wreck. From Fox News: 

Assistant U.S. Attorney Gary Milligan said in opening statements that Gillum still had a large mortgage, was making payments on two expensive cars and affording private school tuition for his children when he quit his 6-figure job to run for office. He then had a hard time affording his lifestyle, so he used campaign funding to bankroll his personal life, Milligan argued. 

Andrew Gillum was mayor of Tallahassee from 2014 to 2018 when he became the 2018 Democratic nominee for Florida governor.  But now we’re finding out exactly what he did to try and beat DeSantis—and it’s not looking good, folks. T

he message from Democrats is that if someone has a lot of financial responsibilities, it’s okay for them to replace their income with donations that are meant for campaigning. They can get away with corruption whether they win or lose. 

For Gillum, the criminal charges come in the form of allegedly using his brother to arrange for illegal contributions, pocketing them, lying to the FBI, and accepting gifts. 

It is only fair that all politicians make their way up the ladder through legitimate means. If you change from a six-figure position to a new position, you must expect to put in the work to succeed. Why should Democrats be any different? American taxpayers need financial transparency in politics, no matter which side it’s from. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Andrew Gillum is facing criminal charges of nepotism, embezzlement, bribery, and lying to the FBI.
  • Charges also involve Gillum’s brother Marcus and Sharon Lettman-Hicks at P & P Communications, a public relations agency owned by a Gillum supporter.
  • It is a violation of federal law when any federal, state, or local government official asks for or receives anything of value in exchange for, or because of, any official act, or diverts public funds for private use These takaways are all solid.

Source: Fox News

Roman Kireev
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