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Democrats Defy Donald, Try To Steal Tax Cut Bonuses Away From 2 Million Americans
By Steve Edwards|January 12, 2018
Democrats Defy Donald, Try To Steal Tax Cut Bonuses Away From 2 Million Americans

The calendar may have changed to 2018, but it’s still business as usual in Washington, D.C.

Our nation’s economy is booming, and that’s the direct result of the changing of the guard at the top of the political food chain.

President Donald Trump and members of the GOP have slashed taxes, rolled back regulations, and thrown common sense into the equation.

The direct results have been more money for American workers, increased investments from employers, and an overall sense of optimism that we haven’t seen in years.

Despite that, Democrats are insisting that this is all bad news that simply must end before the wheels fall off of the freight train. And Elizabeth Warren is leading the charge.

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From Gateway Pundit:

On Thursday Walmart stores announced one million workers will get bonus earnings thanks to the Trump tax cuts.

That means the total number of Americans receiving Trump tax cut bonuses is now over 2,000,000!

Stuart Varney from FOX Business Network reported:

“As of this morning before we got the Walmart announcement, 1,039,000 Americans were going to get a bonus. Now it’s 2,039,000 Americans will get a bonus. Clearly it’s employees and customers who are getting the benefit as well. By the way, before we got the Walmart announcement we had Waste Management chiming in with $2000 bonuses for 34,000 employees.”

It’s pretty tough to spin bonuses and increased wages as a sign of impending doom, but that’s not stopping the liberal mouthpieces from insisting that it is.

But Democrat leader Elizabeth Warren wants to shut it down.

Warren told Bret Baier on Special Report that Democrats want to change all of this.

Elizabeth Warren: We’ve got to change it. You got to take out the parts that are giant giveaways… It’s a trillion dollars that the Republicans gave away to billionaires and giant corporations.

Back on Earth, the story is vastly different.

Yes, the corporate tax rate has been slashed. And corporations have responded by sharing the wealth with American workers.

Yes, the overwhelming majority of Americans have had their taxes reduced. This will result in more money in their wallets and purses, which in turn will further stimulate the surging economy.

How is this a bad thing?

It’s not, but there is a gigantic benefit to those on the Left jumping up and down with their hair on fire as they claim that it is: The absurdity of liberal thinking is on full display for all to see.

It’s perfect timing with mid-term elections right around the corner. After all, how are the Democrats going to make any headway when one of their chief talking points is that more money for all is a bad thing?

Source: Gateway Pundit

Steve Edwards
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