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DeSantis Signs 4 Groundbreaking New Laws – These Bills Will Protect Florida’s Critical Freedoms
By Roman Kireev|May 12, 2023
DeSantis Signs 4 Groundbreaking New Laws – These Bills Will Protect Florida’s Critical Freedoms

Ron DeSantis has been very active as the governor of Florida in his latest term. How is he pulling this off? Because he secured a supermajority for the Republicans in the red wave of 2022.

See, Republicans, when you run strong candidates and stand up for conservative values, you get rewarded with the trust of your voters, and they give you more power to get real work done.

And that’s exactly what Ron is doing. In his latest move, he signed a pioneering new law that included 4 “Prescribe Freedom” bills, and they are knocking the socks off Democrats. 

From Fox News: 

Senate Bill 252 prohibits workplaces, government agencies and schools from requiring COVID-19 vaccination or masks.[…]

The legislation also formally denounces World Health Organization (WHO) recommendations in Florida. It also protects alternative COVID-19 treatments. […]

Another component of the legislation is Senate Bill 1387, which bans gain-of-function research. DeSantis said gain-of-function research in Wuhan, China, was likely to blame for the pandemic.[…]

Senate Bill 1580 also ensures freedom of speech and whistleblower protections for physicians. 

Each of these new laws work together to protect essential freedoms that Americans cherish. They are each powerful on their own, and even more effective in combination. 

That’s because they address the lack of autonomy we’ve faced over the past few years. A number of Floridians concluded that they do not want to have that unnecessary interference from the government, and DeSantis is on their side. 

It sounds like DeSantis is pushing for a return to pre-2020 days. A lot happened since then, and according to conservatives, none of it was good. The lockdowns and various mandates made Americans feel depressed, fearful, and under pressure to jump through hoops to be able to participate in society again. 

If you ask me, these new bills seem to show that every individual can be responsible for their own health. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness includes physical autonomy – including with regard to medical decisions. 

Even if some people don’t agree with either of them, it’s no harm, no foul because they have the freedom to choose. That’s what matters the most.

The last few years have tested our concept of liberty. Nothing makes Americans feel threatened more than a politician fails to act to support freedom of medical choice. The thing is, DeSantis says what he means. He understands what Floridians want – and he listens.

Key Takeaways:

  • DeSantis signed a new law with 4 “Protect Freedom” bills to prohibit medical mandates by workplaces, schools, and government agencies such as WHO. 
  • He mentioned that bureaucrats such as Fauci, the left, corporate media, and even some Republicans were intensely criticizing everything about Florida politics.
  • His passing of the new bills is about doing the right thing for the state. 

Source: Fox News

Roman Kireev
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