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‘The Donald’ Takes $27M From Duped Dems, Gives It To Southern State
By Kay Johnson|March 12, 2018

Despite transparent attempts by anti-Trump forces to spin it otherwise, President Donald Trump’s year-plus in office has been a smashing success.

The economy continues to crank along, businesses are more apt to do business in the United States, and folks across the nation have more money in their wallets.

That’s a huge win no matter which way you slice it, and those are just some of the obvious benefits. Behind the scenes, the good news continues to roll in for consumers.

In today’s story, Trump has been able to ensure that $27 million does not fall into the hands of Liberals. Instead, Donald has been able to take those monies and turn them over to one southern state for safekeeping.

The Blaze shares the news.  

El Paso Electric plans to give back $27 million to its El Paso, Texas, area customers thanks to the federal corporate tax cuts that went into effect in January.

Residential customers would see the refund as an average 4.4 percent decrease (or $3.83) on their monthly electric bill. The company filed its request with Texas regulators last week, according to a news release.

Alright, so El Paso Electric just feels like being altruistic or something all of a sudden, right?

Nope. It’s a trickle-down effect from the tax plan – just as POTUS clearly explained would happen in a countless number of ways.

“One of the important provisions of our rate case settlement last year was to create a mechanism to pass-through the tax savings stemming from the reduction in the federal statutory income tax rate that was recently enacted,” El Paso Electric CEO Mary Kipp said in a statement.

“We worked with all the parties in the case to set up a means to pass that savings along to our customers quickly and efficiently,” Kipp said.

Trump critics seemingly fail to comprehend some pretty simple cause and effect relationships and what they mean for our economy as a whole.

When companies and individuals are being fleeced less by the federal government, they just may find other uses for their money.

That will lead to further stimulation for an economy that’s already humming along under Trump’s leadership, and it’s beyond laughable to watch the attempts of the Left to spin this as a bad thing.   

Source: The Blaze

Kay Johnson
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