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Trump Signs Islamic Executive Order. Thousands Of Radical Liberals Affected
By Kay Johnson|February 6, 2018

The far Left has had it in for Trump the moment he announced his campaign back in 2015. They had reason to worry: their own party was busy with its own in-fighting between voters for Hillary and voters for Bernie. Thanks to that divisive issue of candidates, Trump was able to sail through and win the election.

Perhaps the Liberals now realize that it was their election to lose. Because they have spent the past year violently protesting the new president. They have demanded safe spaces in their college campuses to protect themselves from those with opposing viewpoints. They are also pushing their agenda and religious views on others and trying to use judicial force to make others obey their every belief.

However, despite all of these tactics, there is one thing Democrats can never touch: the executive orders of the president. With one simple signature, President Trump is able to protect America from further liberal harm. And trust me, one far-left group is unglued about Trump’s latest order.

From Conservative Tribune:

As part of his efforts to stamp out Islamic terrorism, President Donald Trump just signed an executive order to keep Guantanamo Bay open. Now, one terrorist-Muslim group is losing their minds.

Trump’s executive order, which was signed on Jan. 30, 2018, states; “Detention operations at U.S. Naval Station Guantánamo Bay shall continue to be conducted consistent with all applicable United States and international law.”

But there is one group who isn’t happy about President Trump’s announcement: CAIR.

This is a group that calls themselves an “American-Islamic civil rights group” but has been found to have radical Islamic ties.

“We condemn President Trump’s order to keep the illegal, exclusively Muslim-populated military prison in Guantánamo Bay open,” CAIR‘s Director of Government Affairs Department Robert S. McCaw said in a statement.

Wait, so because all of these terrorists are Muslims, their punishment is somehow unfair?

So in short, the Radical Left is so obsessed with the idea of promoting Islam that they are willing to free any such radical Islamist from Guantanamo?

What does this say about Democrats? Are they really so short-sighted that they would rather see innocent Americans slaughtered by jihadists than admit that their political promotion of Islam is wrong?

I guess the unfortunate answer is yes.

If CAIR is willing to stick their neck out for criminals who are also Muslim while attacking President Trump, then it is clear that they are willing to sell their souls in order to prove that their liberal agenda is best.

Source: Conservative Tribune

Kay Johnson
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