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Federal Judge Tosses Obama Bestie’s Wrongful Arrest Case, Barack’s Not Happy
By Kay Johnson|March 16, 2018

Is it fair to say that everything Barack Obama touches turns to corruption?

Of course, we know that every evil trick that Barack Obama learned was taught to him by fellow Democrats Bill and Hillary Clinton.

In short, the Democrats will attempt to turn every event into a political one. They will turn every event into a victimization and martyrdom of themselves. And they will turn every event into a chance to gain something out of nothing. It’s also known as corruption.

Take this story of a young man whom Barack Obama advocated, all because he was Muslim. This young man tried to set up his school district for a frivolous lawsuit. But thankfully, the judge was having none of his nonsense and just threw out his case for good.

From Washington Times:

Ahmed Mohamed, better known as “Clock Boy” — better known as the tool by which Barack Obama was able to advance his narrative of an anti-Muslim America — just lost yet another of his family’s court cases. And for the love of God, please let this be the last.

U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay this week dismissed Clock Boy’s wrongful arrest suit against the Irving Independent School District, ushering in a moment of, hopefully, final sanity in what’s been a very long, very insane, very politicized series of moments that began in 2015.

So the family demanded $15 million from the school. That suit was dismissed in 2017. Then they sued the news guys for defamation. And that suit was dismissed in 2017. Then they sued more news guys in a different court. And that suit was dismissed in 2017. And then they sued the Irving Independent School District and the city of Irving and oh, yes, some other people, too.

And now, just this week, that suit was dismissed — and the Mohamed family was ordered to pay the court costs.

It is quite obvious that this kid was being nothing but a pain in the butt to not only his teachers but also to the school district. It is also obvious that the family was encouraging this kid to be a punk in order to squeak out a few frivolous lawsuits and try to earn a few easy millions.

The best part of this story is now the family has to pay for all of the court fees. So instead of getting the money they so desperately wanted, they now have to fork out the dough!

Note to Obama: if you really want to invest your time into a young person’s life, why don’t you try to develop relationships with any young persons involved in Junior ROTC. These are the kids that want to really serve our community and country, as opposed to this “Clock Boy” punk who only wanted to serve himself.

Source: Washington Times

Kay Johnson
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