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Legendary Football Player Stands Up for Carlson – “I’m With Tucker,” Boycott Fox, Says Favre
By Roman Kireev|May 9, 2023
Legendary Football Player Stands Up for Carlson – “I’m With Tucker,” Boycott Fox, Says Favre

What’s Happening:

Fortunately for Tucker Carlson fans, he’s not going down even after exiting Fox News. The longtime anchor is a favorite of conservatives because he’s blunt and passionate.

He’s got his own YouTube channel now. When he left Fox, he ended up taking many loyal fans with him. 

Because of that, they’re frantically trying to build back their reputation. And they’re likely to realize their mistake in trying to silence him, especially after what Brett Favre said.  From The Washington Examiner:

NFL legend Brett Favre demanded a boycott of Fox News on Monday following the exit of longtime anchor Tucker Carlson.

“I’m with Tucker,” Favre, 53, tweeted. “Time to boycott Fox until they come to their senses and let the man speak.

That’s a big deal coming from one legend to another. It’s especially so because Carlson is still under contract, so anything his fans do will affect the news channel. 

Don’t they realize how much of an icon he is? When most people think of Fox News, Carlson comes to mind. 

They don’t have much left without him. Even before Favre said anything, Fox watchers were already turning it off. After all, what could replace Tucker? 

I can’t imagine how they’ll rebuild their disappearing audience. Making a popular news anchor leave the channel is not encouraging for anyone else who wants to fill in his shoes. 

I live for times like these – first, the boycott of Bud Light after the Dylan Mulvaney marketing flop, and now a potential boycott of Fox. Most conservatives are on Tucker’s side. 

Boycotts show that we have the right to choose what we want to support and have what we support reflect our values. The people have the power to create the change they want to see. 

Fox cannot undo how they treated Tucker. He has gotten offers to speak for other news companies and big contracts to run a counter-program to them. So he’s still going to be in the media, one way or another. 

Key Takeaways:

  • New evidence shows that Tucker Carlson leaving Fox News may have been due to his strong beliefs. 
  • NFL legend Brett Favre tweeted his support of Tucker and urged a boycott of Fox. 
  • Carlson is still under contract, so Fox making him leave may have been a silencing tactic. 

Source: The Washington Examiner

Roman Kireev
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