Trump’s Homeland Security Drops Crushing Anvil On Thousands Of Border Jumpers

Patriots know that under Obama, our immigration laws were a joke. Even though we had ample rules protecting our border, they were rarely enforced.

Border Patrol wasn’t properly staffed and to make matters worse, Obama instituted “catch-and-release,” a bogus policy that ensured illegals that were caught could easily elude deportation.

However, all that is rapidly changing under Trump, as he is making sure our existing laws are enforced.

But it’s still an uphill battle because many illegal immigrants—even when caught—find their way back to the U.S. In some cases, they come back dozens upon dozens of times. It’s a major problem.

The good news is Trump’s Homeland Security is taking a big step to ensure border jumpers get their just desserts.

From Washington Times:

Homeland Security will now refer every migrant nabbed jumping the U.S.-Mexico border to federal prosecutors under a directive Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen issued last week, in a move that puts serious teeth behind the administration’s goal of putting teeth behind immigration laws.

Prosecutions have long been the exception rather than the rule, with most people who jump the border put into civil deportation proceedings.

But illegal entry is a misdemeanor crime and attempting to sneak back in after a previous deportation is a felony, and Ms. Nielsen said it’s time the government starts treating them as such…”

It’s painfully obvious that many deported aliens return; they treat the border like a revolving door. The moment they’re shipped back to Mexico or parts beyond, they come right back in.

If only there were a permanent barrier between the U.S. and Mexico. Oh well…

At the very least, enforcing the law will give our prosecutors greater power. Trying to sneak back over, after a being deported, is a felony and with that comes serious penalties.

Not only will aliens face strong punishment now, it will discourage others from trying to come over. When illegal immigrants see that the U.S. government is enforcing its laws, they will finally take the border seriously.

For eight long, dark years our border was nothing. Obama and the Democrats looked the other way, as millions snuck over; this taught illegals that there were no penalties for breaking U.S. law.

But not anymore. If Homeland properly prosecutes border jumpers, it will show the rest of the world we mean business.

Source: Washington Times

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