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Southern State Judge Gives Hunter a Direct Order – He Must Appear in Court to Answer Questions on the Laptop
By Roman Kireev|April 25, 2023
Southern State Judge Gives Hunter a Direct Order – He Must Appear in Court to Answer Questions on the Laptop

What’s Happening:

Rumors claim that Hunter Biden is holed up in the White House. Why, you ask?

After the public’s long wait for further news about Hunter Biden’s laptop, a judge from a southern state recently issued him a direct order: He must appear in court to answer questions about it. 

Circuit court judge Holly Meyer is from Arkansas, where Hunter has had an ongoing paternity suit.  But while Americans have rightfully been impatient to learn about the laptop’s alleged contents, Meyer is interested in financial records following his going to court last year to lower child support payments. From The Daily Wire:

“The report said that Meyer issued the order after Hunter Biden’s attorney could not answer if the laptop that has been the center of constant controversy during the Biden administration belonged to his client.

Hunter Biden’s lawyer sought to block an expert witness from testifying about financial records found on the laptop because Hunter Biden has never acknowledged that the laptop is his.”

Unbelievably, Hunter’s lawyer has made two opposing defenses so far: Hunter does not acknowledge that the laptop is his, and according to the New York Post, it is still in the repair shop. I have to ask just as much as anyone else – how would he know whether it was in a repair shop unless it was his? 

Hunter is continuing a pattern of denial while fresh on the heels of refusing his daughter’s mother’s Jan. 6 request for their daughter to have the Biden last name, calling it “political warfare” according to KNWA-TV. I say when someone wants to be a deadbeat dad, following in his father’s footsteps, it definitely looks like the trenches from the hole he’s dug himself. 

But being a deadbeat dad is the least controversial thing about him as a now 53-year-old man who is the subject of several criminal investigations. In the long list of accusations against him, his laptop contents include confidential emails of business dealings with Ukraine and China and videos of him smoking crack and canoodling with prostitutes. That’s what you can do when you live off daddy’s money and act above the law. 

Joe Biden, who announced his running for reelection today, has not been supportive of Hunter’s daughter, either. But Democrats who believe in “vote blue no matter who” are determined to let any Biden controversy slide. 

That’s not realistic because if you have a scandal involving a relative, you must expect that it will affect you and people will question your decision-making as President. Imagine how different this situation would be if it was Trump’s son under scrutiny instead of Biden’s since Democrats love to exercise double standards. Americans cannot afford to let the Biden family sweep this under the rug. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Arkansas judge Holly Meyer ordered Hunter to appear in court to answer questions about the laptop.
  • After a paternity test proved that Hunter was the father, Hunter requested to lower child support payments, leading to the current court order. 
  • The Biden family refused to acknowledge Hunter’s daughter and provide Secret Service protection.

Source: The Daily Wire

Roman Kireev
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