Judge Rocks 9th Circuit Court – Accused Of Misconduct, He Announces Career Move

More powerful men are being exposed every day. Men in Hollywood, media, and government are being accused of sexual harassment. Some have denied these claims. Yet they all end up doing the same thing.

Last week we reported on a federal judge. Alex Kozinski, who has served for many years, was accused of misconduct. He made unwanted advances on female clerks. The judge forced some to view pornography.

Now we have an update on the situation. Surprise, surprise, the judge is resigning.

From The Hill:

Alex Kozinski, a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, resigned Monday in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations, The Washington Post reported.

“I cannot be an effective judge and simultaneously fight this battle. Nor would such a battle be good for my beloved federal judiciary. And so I am making the decision to retire, effective immediately,” Kozinski said in a statement to the Post.

The newspaper reported last week that several women accused Kozinski of making sexual comments, touching them inappropriately or kissing them without consent.

Kozinski, who was appointed by President Ronald Reagan in 1985, initially denied the claims.

This happens almost every time. The men accused deny the charges. Yet they still resign. They are very vague in their responses. They apologize, but never admit to doing anything wrong. But if they did nothing wrong, why resign?

Everyone’s innocent until proven guilty. We cannot assume an accuser is telling the truth. But what else can we believe, when the men immediately resign? It suggests there is a history of abusing, just waiting to come out.

An innocent person would fight back. They would defend their reputation. If they did nothing wrong, they wouldn’t be afraid. When a man resigns, it’s suggests that there is much more that might come out.

We don’t know for sure, but it’s very likely. More and more men are being exposed for sexual misconduct. This has been a long time coming. Kozinski is just the next to be outed.

Our hope is that every offender is outed. They must be replaced by leaders with integrity. It’s up to us to hold them accountable.

Source: The Hill

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