NRA’s Dana Loesch Blasts Academy Awards In Scathing Rebuke: “To Every Hollywood Phony…”

America enjoys a new era of success under Trump. Yet there is still a segment of our society that wants to drag us down. In a word, Hollywood.

These elitist hypocrites lecture America citizens. They call us immoral and wrong for defending our rights and values. Yet they are ones who time and again are caught lying, abusing, and hurting innocent people.

To launch her new show, NRA’s Dana Loesch sent a message to every phony in Hollywood.


National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch promoted her new television show with a controversial message on Twitter on Sunday.

In a video, Loesch stands in front of a black background as dramatic Western music plays. She calls out “every lying member of the media,” “every Hollywood phony,” and “the role-model athletes who use their free speech to alter and undermine what our flag represents.”

She tells them, “Your time is running out.”

…The video seemed to be repurposing the messaging of the “Time’s Up” movement, a protest against sexual assault and harassment started in conjunction with the Golden Globes.

Last night, the worst of the worst came together to celebrate their egos. The Oscars is a glorification of everything wrong in our society. Super rich elitists bashed everyday Americans for upholding their rights. Celebrities have proven they are out of touch with this country. So why should we continue to support them?

Loesch is speaking for millions of Americans when she tells celebrities their time is up. They have taken advantage of Americans for far too long. Now, conservatives of all stripes are taking back the media. Hollywood better get out of the way.

More and more Americans are turning their back on the hypocrites in La la land. They want us to shell out millions—even billions—of dollars on their movies. Movies and entertainment that celebrate crime, murder, drugs, and violence. Yet they turn around and tell us we’re the bad guys for support President Trump or owning firearms.

Not anymore. The tide is turning. Hollywood won’t be able to con us for much longer. Loesch’s words are resonating among millions.

Hollywood’s days of supremacy are numbered.

Source: WBALTV

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