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McCarthy Nails Down His Biggest Win of 2023 – House GOP Narrowly Passes Critical Bill to Avoid Major Crisis
By Roman Kireev|April 27, 2023
McCarthy Nails Down His Biggest Win of 2023 – House GOP Narrowly Passes Critical Bill to Avoid Major Crisis

What’s Happening:

Republicans have had a tough time calling the shots in Washington since 2020. In the 2022 elections, they managed to win a slim majority of the House of Representatives. This year, they passed House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s bill representing the GOP’s position on handling the national debt. 

Both parties have been involved in a brutal battle regarding the debt ceiling in recent years. While Republicans want less government spending and more money in the hands of Americans, Democrats constantly find new excuses to increase spending. The GOP, led by House Speaker McCarthy, has been pushing a new bill to raise the debt limit while making responsible fiscal decisions.

Biden and the Democrats, however, have stonewalled and refused to negotiate at all. They are demanding a clean debt limit increase and are literally calling anything else “taking the American people hostage.” Oh really. Well, get a load of this major development, Joe. From Fox News:

The bill passed in a narrow 217-215 vote. Every Democrat voted against it, as expected, along with four Republicans: Andy Biggs of Arizona, Tim Burchett of Tennessee, Ken Buck of Colorado and Matt Gaetz of Florida.

Republicans cast the vote as a win that puts them in the driver’s seat in negotiations they hope can happen with President Biden in the coming weeks. Biden has refused to entertain anything other than a clean increase in the debt ceiling, while Republicans insist he should agree to some trimming in the federal budget as a condition of raising the government’s borrowing limit.

Biden is calling the bill’s passing a hostage situation. That’s pretty ridiculous, considering Democrats control both the Senate and the White House. Let’s keep in mind that back when he was a senator, he voted many times against raising the debt limit. Republicans agreed to give him what he wants as president – raise the debt limit – only it’s not enough for him, and he’s still not happy. 

Part of the bill includes smart policy suggestions such as putting some welfare recipients to work and CBO proposals that will save trillions of dollars. The goal is to stop Democrats from continuing to treat American taxpayer money as if it grows on trees. Meanwhile, everyone who doesn’t have unlimited funds has to deal with high gas prices and increasing food costs—but Democrats seem oblivious to reality.

Biden should learn how to compromise. Now that Democrats can’t simply get more at any time using any excuse, they’re doubling down. I hope Biden will do the right thing and convince his peers to support the bill – or some version of it – for the sake of the economy. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Republicans passed a major bill to both raise the debt ceiling and cut down on spending. 
  • Democrats want to increase the debt ceiling with no budget limits. 
  • Biden refuses to negotiate. 

Source: Fox News

Roman Kireev
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