Mueller Violated Trump’s 4th Amendment Rights 10,000 Times – Donald Demands Them Back

Conservatives have been sounding the alarm about Robert Mueller for several months now. As usual, the conservatives were right. Again.

Mueller’s investigation of Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ emails has been suspect for quite a while now. And it’s not just the discovery of Peter Strzok’s bias and ant-Trump texts, either – there’s the suspicion in DC that Mueller has turned the investigation into a fishing campaign for any and all kinds of minor financial misdemeanors. There’s Mueller’s team playing fast and loose with the facts. There’s growing evidence of a pro-Hillary, anti-Trump bias.

None of those things, however, hold a candle to the most recent revelation, and it’s a doozy – Mueller’s been stealing information. Lots of it.

And, as anyone who knows the law and government can tell you when it comes to a president…you just can’t do that.

After all, it’s not just a violation of the 4th Amendment – it’s a violation of presidential privilege.

Axios reports:

Officials of President Trump’s transition team plan to ask Special Counsel Robert Mueller to return “many tens of thousands” of transition emails they contend were unlawfully provided to him.

A source close to Trump’s transition, which still exists as a legal entity so it can shut down what was once a 1,000-person operation, said the transition will send a letter to Mueller informing him that some of the emails are privileged. The transition says it is willing to provide Mueller with vetted emails.

The source told me: “What they did is totally illegal, and they need to fix it.”

Let’s be clear about what happened – organizing the Trump transition was a huge undertaking. Whenever a new president is coming in, the government hosts a server for everyone’s emails. Those email chains will naturally include the future president.

If investigators need those emails, they have to go through the president’s lawyers. The lawyers will remove any emails that contain privileged information, and send the investigators the rest.

But Mueller didn’t do that. He just went to the server, asked for the emails…and they handed them over.

As Trump’s lawyers are patiently pointing out…that isn’t legal. This could undermine or invalidate the entire investigation.

“[The] career staff at the General Services Administration…have unlawfully produced [transition team] private materials, including privileged communications, to the Special Counsel’s Office, [who] has subsequently made extensive use of materials that are susceptible to privilege claims.”

This was a violation of Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.

Republicans were right not to trust Mueller. Throw him out.

Source: Axios

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