Northeast State Proposes Bill That Restores Full Constitutional Rights To Church-Goers

Americans are shocked at what’s taking place in our churches. Christians inside the religious community are under attack.

Our government has passed laws that seem to violate Christians’ rights. A country originally founded on Godly principles has attacked, bullied, and vilified Christians. Unspeakable acts of bloodshed in houses of worship have been the end result.

But things are starting to change, at least in some states. In one particular Northeastern state, some lawmakers seek to restore Christians’ rights inside the church. A proposed new law will guarantee their constitutional rights, once again.

From Fox 5 DC:

Some Maryland lawmakers are seeking to allow concealed handguns on church property.

The deadly 2015 mass shooting during bible study at a black church in Charleston, South Carolina, and another tragic church shooting in Texas last year have sparked a debate about whether or not people should be armed in places of worship. Maryland State Del. Kathy Szeliga introduced legislation on Tuesday that would allow it.

The Parishioner Protection Act would allow law-abiding members of a congregation to carry concealed handguns on church property if he or she has written permission from the governing body of a church, assuming they are legal owners of the firearm…

The legislation would allow the approved person to travel to and from church with their firearm if current laws for firearm transport are followed.

Houses of worship should be the safest places in our country. That was true, once upon a time. People could flee to a church for sanctuary from violence and injustice. They were assured that nobody would harm them in God’s house.

Sadly, that’s not the case anymore. Secular society mocks and ridicules people of faith. Our government neglects our First Amendment: Freedom of Religion. Instead of protecting it, they allow outsiders to tear us down.

That has led to shocking acts of violence in churches. Sick, godless people have no problem invading houses of worship, intent on killing. It has happened far too often in recent years. Things must change now.

We all want to return to a time when shootings never happened. But that might not happen. What we can do is make sure all Americans are safe, no matter where they are. That means ensuring that our Second Amendment rights are not violated. If someone enters a church to kill, at least a few worshipers will be able to stop them.

Some religious leaders are against the law. They claim it counters the Bible’s teaching of “returning good for evil.” We need to love our enemies. But what about loving our families and friends? The people who will die, because of a hateful gunman? Shouldn’t we do everything in our power to protect them?

It remains to be seen if this bill goes through as it should. If it does, more states will follow.

Source: Fox 5 DC

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