Netflix Hires Susan “Benghazi” Rice. One Week Later, It All Comes Crashing Down

Susan Rice, hero of the Left, cover artist for Hillary and Obama, just got hired last week by the Netflix board.

Genius idea, right? The National Security Adviser turned professional liar in front of all America would be the perfect fit to help a Hollywood outfit like Netflix.

She covered for Benghazi, lying that the deaths of our brave men in Libya were caused by a YouTube video.  What really happened? Hillary Clinton failed to give Ambassador Stevens and our troops the protection they needed from terrorists.

But really, “What difference does it make?”

Yeah, Susan Rice would be the perfect person to help put out the fire of millions boycotting Netflix for supporting anti-Semitism.

Just one problem: liberals never got the memo that Susan “Benghazi” Rice is toxic. Anything she touches turns into dust.

From Sparta Report:

Since Susan Rice’s appointment to their board of directors was announced, Netflix has experienced a significant stock drop of $37 per share, or almost 12 percent, in just one week:

Apparently, if Susan Rice is a part of your company, no one else wants to be a part of it:

Rice’s Netflix board appointment was met with massive membership cancellations which account for the rapid, dramatic fall in their stock price.

The Left is as deaf as a post, so they won’t get the message, but we’re hearing it loud and clear: liberals are dangerous to the survival of our nation.

If you’re an Ambassador, you’re sure as hell not going to want Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, or Barack Obama backing you up.

If you get jettisoned from office and government, don’t go looking for a job in some American company that actually wants to make a profit.

We’ve got a job recommendation for Susan, Barack, Hillary: go be a lawyer for Guantanamo terrorists. There’s a few people we know who would be happy to work with you.

And Netflix? You got what you paid for. Next time, steer clear of professional liars to represent your company.

Tell Netflix what you think of them below, and make sure your friends know who’s working for Netflix now so they can feel the pain even worse.

Source: Sparta Report

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