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NYC Mayor Adams Caught in Triple Scandal – You Won’t Believe What the Dem Was Caught Wearing
By Mick Farthing|February 7, 2024
NYC Mayor Adams Caught in Triple Scandal – You Won’t Believe What the Dem Was Caught Wearing

Once called the “Greatest City in the World,” New York is little more than a laughing stock. Thousands of residents have fled in recent years, as progressive Democrats push damaging policies.

Not only are tens of thousands of migrants flooding the city. But the woke Democrats in leadership have done little as crime explodes in every corner of the city.

The great irony is that the current mayor was formerly a police captain. But he seems to be marching to the woke tune. And now, he’s facing criticism over emphasizing optics over results.

From Fox News:
New York City police arrested a group of illegal immigrant thieves early Monday as authorities crack down on a Venezuelan gang linked to dozens of robberies and a shocking assault on NYPD officers that went viral last week…

As city leaders look to recover from the outrage caused by the overwhelming arrival of migrants and soft-on-crime policies, Adams drew criticism online for the photo-op and for what appears to be a $700 Fendi scarf under his flak vest.

Mayor Adams tried to brag about a raid that arrested a Venezuelan gang that presumably came into the city through Biden’s open border. But even as Adams patted himself on the back, he was seen wearing a $700 scarf under his flak vest.

This, right after New York cops were brutally attacked by migrants, receiving little aid from their own city.

But the news only gets worse for Adams. He seems to be lacking self-awareness as he appears to be making himself out to be the victim.

From The Blaze:
“Have you ever seen this much chocolate leading the City of New York? And then go down the line. Look, look who’s here. This is representative of the city. That’s why people are hating on me. You trying to figure out why they’re hating on me…”

“…Ma’am this is a Matthew 21:12 moment. Jesus walked in the temple, he saw them doing wrong in the temple. He did what?” Adams asked the audience.

“He turned the table over!” replied one member.

Instead of owning up to his mistakes, Adams compared himself to Jesus for hiring so many “chocolate” city officials. While the city is struggling with historic problems, the mayor is patting himself on the back over identity politics.

But it doesn’t seem any of his team, regardless of race, are making the right decisions. And that was certainly apparent over the failure of Adams’ expensive “robocop” experiment.

From The Post Millennial:
New York City’s infamous “robocop” has officially ended its pilot program, according to an official from the city. The machine lasted only four months and costed $12,250.

The 5-foot-tall 400lb security robot, K5, was introduced in October of last year to much fanfare from Mayor Eric Adams’ office, however, the public was not as impressed and it was stashed away in a vacant storefront just two months into the city’s six-month contract with its manufacturer, Knightscope.

Mayor Adams bragged about the robot police officer, claiming it was “cheaper” than a real person. Yet the large machine had to be guarded by two police officers, making it more expensive than it appeared.

Although the city paid for six months of use, it spent the last two months of its contract in a vacant storefront, unused. It is unclear what this robot was supposed to provide. It did not seem to lower the rising crime rates, that are driving people out of the city.

Key Takeaways:

  • Mayor Adams of New York was bashed for wearing a $700 scarf while bragging about a police raid.
  • This was after two cops were attacked by migrants whom Adams refuses to deport.
  • Adams compared himself to Jesus after hiring “chocolate” city officials.
  • He was also humiliated after his expensive robot cop experiment ended in failure.

Source: Fox News, The Blaze, The Post Millennial

Mick Farthing
Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.
Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.
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