NYT Prints Giant Piece Of Fake News—Trump Exposes The TRUTH To America

Ever since Donald Trump called out CNN for being “fake news,” the mainstream media has started to clean up its act.

Actually, wait. Scratch that.

In fact, most mainstream media outlets have only gotten worse, as they continue to brazenly ignore facts and push their liberal agenda.

The informed American knows very well he or she cannot trust the mainstream media any longer and every day, we have more evidence to support this sad state of affairs.

On Tuesday night, there was a large Trump rally in Nashville, Tennessee at the Municipal Auditorium; the President was on hand to support Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN-07) and her campaign for a U.S. Senate seat.

It was a pretty big event and The New York Times felt compelled to cover it.

Except while other news sources – like Breitbart – estimated the crowd size to be around 8,000, the NYT decided to tell America that less than 1,000 people were in attendance.

More lies to paint a picture of this country that isn’t even remotely accurate. But thankfully, we’ve got a leader who isn’t afraid to expose the media’s bias:

That’s proper fire and brimstone from a President who has been forced to deal with more insults and lies than any other leader in our nation’s history.

And you know what? It actually worked.

The Washington Times reported that the NYT “corrected” their crowd estimate mistake on Wednesday:

“In its article online, The Times said an earlier version of the story ‘cited an incorrect figure for the number of people attending President Trump’s rally.’

‘While no exact figure is available, the fire marshal’s office estimated that approximately 5,500 people attended the rally, not about 1,000 people,’ the correction stated.”

Which is still way off, by the way. They refuse to acknowledge the truth, journalism integrity be damned.

But at least Trump struck a blow for the American people, who don’t deserve to be lied to on a daily basis. If we don’t continue to expose the lies, the lies will never stop!

Source: Breitbart

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