Obama Only Got A Nobel Prize Because The Panel Ignored The Untold Truth

As we all know by now, Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize during his presidency.

He didn’t really do anything to earn it but that apparently didn’t matter.

Instead, Obama’s decisions led to anything BUT peace during his tenure, especially where America’s biggest enemies were concerned.

That’s right: the Nobel Prize committee conveniently ignored the facts. If these facts pertained to Donald Trump, the media would’ve skewered him alive.

But because it was Obama, the press – and the Nobel Prize panel – decided to look the other way.

And now Barack is going to earn yet another prize, which prompts a very big question:

How much longer can we ignore what happened during Obama’s tenure?

From Western Journal:

“In 2009, newly minted President Barack Obama was given the Nobel Peace Prize for pretty much doing nothing other than being elected.

The hope from the international community was that he would follow through on that investment of trust…

That’s at least the message from the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Foundation, which will make the former president a Human Rights Ripple of Hope laureate…

Right. Just run that one by the people living in Iraq and Afghanistan, where Obama’s decision to pull out early let the Islamic State group and the Taliban entrench themselves.

Just ask the people of Syria, where Obama drew a ‘line in the sand’ involving intervention if chemical weapons were used and then ignored it, and then later said he was ‘very proud’ of what he had done.

Or, just ask the over 100 innocent men, women and children who were killed by drone strikes during his presidency.

During George W. Bush’s time in office, terror attacks were on a downswing. After 9-11, he worked hard to keep Americans safe.

But Obama opened the floodgates to terrorism.

He gave Iran—the world-leader in funding terrorists—over $2 billion. He pulled out troops from the Middle East, even though he was warned it would create the Islamic State (it did).

And there are the many innocent lives were lost through drone strikes.

Obama’s policies made the world a much more dangerous place: he helped Iran get nuclear material, AND he let North Korea continue to expand their weapons.

He even neglected allies like Israel, forcing them to fend for themselves.

That’s not much of a peacemaker, is it?

But the liberals love to give each other awards and frankly, that’s all that they’re good for. The rest of us, the ones working hard for peace, will continue to clean up their mess.

Do you really agree that Obama deserves any sort of “peace” prize?

Source: Western Journal

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