Police Arrest, Criminally Charge Florida Judge In Undercover Sting

Most Americans have a distrust of law and government, and for good reason. The very people that are supposed to lead us are often exposed as scum bags.

Over the last year, we’ve learned quite a bit about our leaders. Some have been stealing funds from charities. Others have been sexually harassing staffers. And of course, others were illegally wiretapping political candidates.

Now we are learning about a judge from Florida who’s in the hot seat. What did he do that put him in such a position? There are 300 reasons why!

From Naples News:

A prostitution sting by the Naples Police Department netted six arrests Friday, including that of Lee County Circuit Judge Jay B. Rosman.

The men, who range in age from 29 to 70, were arrested at a Naples hotel and charged with soliciting prostitution after arranging to meet with an undercover officer, according to Naples police…

Rosman allegedly made contact with an undercover officer via phone and arranged to meet at the hotel. He agreed to pay $300 for a sexual act but instead was placed under arrest. According to the report, he began to resist but officers were able to gain control and handcuffed Rosman.

This is pretty bad. Judge Rosman wielded considerable power in the state. As chief judge for the 20th Judicial Circuit, he weighed in on serious cases. His decisions carried weight in both Florida and the rest of the country. Now we learn this dirty bird was seeking the service of a prostitute.

We have to wonder how often he sought out prostitutes. Was this the first time, or one of many? We expect our judges to be above reproach. That means that they are held to a higher standard than the rest of us. They judge our lives, after all. Shouldn’t they be living up to those very same laws?

Instead, this man is the lowest of us. He is soliciting prostitutes for sex. No upstanding citizen would even consider such an act, for many reasons.

This kind of behavior certainly destroys this man’s career. It might even jeopardize ongoing cases he presided over. If a judge is found to be guilty of criminal actions, cases he’s ruled in might be overturned. That can have a serious impact on the lives of many people.

All because Rosman would stay faithful to his wife and family.

Source: Naples News

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