Republicans And Democrats Join Forces To Crush Barack’s Pet Project 266-157

You should thank God every day we are no longer under the scourge of President Obama.

It seemed like he wanted to ruin our lives, on every level. He destroyed our health care. He tried to destroy our energy section. And of course, he devastated our immigration system.

Perhaps the most shocking was how he interfered with private businesses. Pretending to help the consumer, his administration burdened small businesses with far too many rules.

One particular rule would have inflicted tedious and costly changes to hundreds of thousands of businesses. Businesses you support every day.

But thankfully, the majority of House lawmakers saw fit to undo it.

From Daily Caller:

The House passed a bill undoing many of former President Barack Obama’s restrictive menu labeling rules Tuesday, giving hope to restaurants that they won’t have to label the calories for every variation of items on their menu…

The bill allows restaurants to disclose a range of calories, rather than list the calories for every single option on the menu, which pizza shop owners said would be an insurmountable burden…

The menu rules, required as part of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act that created Obamacare, have been delayed multiple times after rigorous lobbying from restaurant groups.

So many lawmakers voted on this law. That signifies just how unpopular it was. According to the FDA, if a pizza place added just an extra olive or pepperoni, they’d have to change the calorie numbers. Imagine having to change every menu, sign, and option. It would be a nightmare.

Of course, there are some advocates for the insane rules. Democrats claim because of America’s “obesity epidemic” Obama’s rule is needed to confront this “crisis.”

Um, there are better ways of informing the public about nutrition. Burdening local businesses with ridiculous, bureaucratic rules is not one of them.

In order for the rules to be completely undone, a companion bill must pass in the Senate. If not, these tyrannical rules will go into effect this May.

Let’s hope there are enough Senators smart enough to do the right thing.

Source: Daily Caller

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