Republicans Quietly Set All-Time Record While Democrats Collapse Overnight

Democrats were bragging about their 2018 “Blue Wave.” Now it’s all crashing down around them after what Republicans just pulled off.

Let the left talk all they want about “retaking the House.” The truth is, the Democrats are dying.

Since Donald Trump has taken office, what have we seen from the left? Nothing but obstruction, hate, and violence. Democrats have told their supporters to attack conservatives and Trump staffers. They have tried to block every important measure from the administration. Even much-needed tax cuts they voted against.

Yet they still believe they will retake the government come November. They’re dreaming.

Meanwhile, the GOP has been hard at work. Over the course of this year, they’ve broken a major record. It surely spells doom for the Democrats.

From Western Journal:

The Republican National Committee has smashed fundraising records by raising $213 million so far for the fall midterm elections, 99 percent of which came from small donations.

An RNC official said that this is the fastest they have passed the $200 million mark during a midterm election year, suggesting that people appear to still be pleased with President Donald Trump and his administration’s agenda, according to the Washington Examiner.

Since taking the job in January, McDaniel has held over 88 fundraising events and is on the phone with donors for six hours a day, the Washington Examiner reported. She has also added over 100,000 new contributors.

Such massive amounts of contributions speak volumes of Republicans’ enthusiasm. Despite the unending fake news from the left, Americans are happy with what Trump is doing. He has made good on so many promises from his campaign. We haven’t seen a president do so much in so little amount of time.

As the Democrats complain, sparking a civil war, conservatives are rebuilding the country. They want to see America thrive again. And they know that Donald Trump needs the support of leaders in Washington to make that happen.

Why would Democrats think they’d get support, after a year and a half of obstruction?

Much like in 2016, Democrats are believing their own propaganda. They believe Americans will vote overwhelmingly for liberals, out of hate for Trump. Yet what is there to hate? Only the lies spread by the fake news. Most Americans have rejected their bogus claims. Democrats just don’t have the support they think they have.

Which is why the GOP is raking in the cash.

Most likely the mid-terms will be a bloodbath for the left.

Source: Western Journal

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