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RFK Jr. Hurls Serious Accusations at His Own Party – He Just Slammed Democrats for Manipulating Primaries, “Rigging” the System
By Roman Kireev|April 24, 2023
RFK Jr. Hurls Serious Accusations at His Own Party – He Just Slammed Democrats for Manipulating Primaries, “Rigging” the System

What’s Happening:

Part of having integrity is being able to tell the truth, and that goes for any area in life. Election integrity is a bipartisan issue and when it comes to presidential candidates, Democrat RFK Jr. is the best bipartisan choice. Unfortunately, the DNC doesn’t agree.

If Democrats cared about election integrity, the DNC wouldn’t be so keen to take down swing states. One very critical state in the past 100 years of presential election primaries is New Hampshire, and Kennedy has hurled an eye-opening accusation. From Breitbart

Kennedy Jr. was referring to the DNC changing the order of the early-voting states. The DNC pushed Iowa and New Hampshire, a state in which President Joe Biden did not do so well, out of being first and moved South Carolina, where Biden did well, ahead of the two.

President Biden didn’t do well there [New Hampshire]; he came in fifth. So they took New Hampshire, and they kicked it out of first place. And now they’re gonna say — they’re saying that they’re going to completely remove the delegates from New Hampshire, and that, we should be at this point in history,” he explained.

RFK Jr. has a reputation as an anti-vaxxer. He is considered to be dangerous and a conspiracy theorist by many Democrats in spite of his support of informed consent for medical decisions. But when they can get away with supporting censorship on social media platforms under the guise of preventing the spread of disinformation, they will do their best to make voting results favor Biden states to not only butt out RFJ Jr. but all other presidential candidates. 

Guess where the 2024 DNC is going to be held? Chicago, of all places. It almost seems like a threat of violence given the city’s history of gun control laws, which do the opposite of stopping criminals from shooting unarmed civilians. And according to ABC7, there were two JFK murder plots in Chicago before the Dallas assassination.

The question of the type of government we have is also a contentious issue and relevant to election integrity. According to Democrats, our country is a representative democracy. But when it comes to presidential elections, it translates to getting rid of opposing representatives and even Democratic candidates who don’t toe the party line.

It also means pushing back swing states, where people are policy voters rather than party voters. You know what I think? It’s nothing more than mob rule in a fancy hat. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • RFK Jr. spoke on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday and accused the DNC of having a “rigged” primary system that doesn’t allow for any debates.
  • DNC placed South Carolina ahead of New Hampshire and Iowa on voting calendar, apparently to favor Biden votes.
  • New Hampshire is the largest voter block of independents in the country.

Source: Breitbart

Roman Kireev
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