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Rosie Bribes, Threatens GOP Senator And Her Family In Tweet To Sabotage Tax Bill
By Adam Casalino|December 20, 2017

2017 has been a historic year—in more ways than one. It has been a year where we’ve seen Democrats completely fall apart.

The massive success of Trump’s first year in office has driven liberals up the wall. The signing of the biggest tax cuts in U.S. history will cap off a year of economic success.

Trump will cement his impact on the country with this new law. And likely ensure a second term.

So, it comes as no surprise that outspoken and deranged former comedian Rosie O’Donnell went manic on Republican politicians. She’s hated Donald Trump for years. The fact that he’s President must fill her with constant dread.

But what she did to try to kill the GOP tax bill is beyond bizarre. It borders on criminal.

Desperate to kill the bill, Rosie tweeted to a key GOP lawmaker. What she said defies belief.

From The Hill:

Rosie O’Donnell late Tuesday lashed out at Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine) over the GOP tax overhaul.

The comedian and former co-host of “The View” tweeted a photo of Collins’s family, asking if the Maine Republican thought they were proud of her.

“Woman, mother, grandmother, sister, daughter, you have betrayed us all.” O’Donnell wrote. “Dear god, ask for forgiveness, redeem your soul tomorrow.”

O’Donnell, a frequent harsh critic of President Trump and Republican lawmakers, in a tweet earlier Tuesday promised to give $2 million in cash to Collins and Sen. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) if they voted against the GOP plan.

“If they vote ‘no, no I will not kill Americans for the [super] rich,’” O’Donnell tweeted. “No shit. 2 million. Cash. Each.”

It is illegal to offer money to public officials with the intent to influence official acts, like voting on a bill, but it is unclear if O’Donnell’s tweet is meant as a serious offer.

Rosie is playing dirty now. She personally insulted these lawmakers, bullying them to vote her way. Why did she post a photo of Collin’s family? Was it to threaten them? To expose them to her rabid followers on Twitter? Maybe a few of Rosie’s fans are as deranged as her. Perhaps seeing that picture was a call to arms.

The second tweet is even more shocking. Did Rosie promise to bribe the Senators if they voted no? She did say “2 million dollars cash, call if u want to negotiate.” Promising cash for a vote? That’s super illegal.

The real irony is that the tax bill is a benefit to most Americans. Middle and working classes will get a huge tax cut. Yet liberals say the bill will benefit the rich and hurt everyone else. It is a tired attack they’ve used for years. But it’s not true.

Maybe Rosie is worried about her own taxes. Perhaps she’ll have to pay more (if she ever gets work again). Is she only in this for herself? Looks that way.

Regardless, what she’s doing now can only be described as certifiable.

Source: The Hill

Adam Casalino
Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, author, and blogger. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal. Find his other work: www.talesofmaora.com
Adam Casalino is a freelance writer, author, and blogger. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal. Find his other work: www.talesofmaora.com
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