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Sharia Law Receives Major Blow From Court, Sends It Into Death Spiral
By Steve Edwards|January 10, 2018
Sharia Law Receives Major Blow From Court, Sends It Into Death Spiral

We can’t have life both ways, and Muslims are learning this the hard way.

Let me give you an example: the comforts home are pretty tough to beat. While it would be lovely to have that available to us wherever we go, that’s simply an unrealistic expectation.

As such, rational folks know full well that they have to adjust their expectations and make the best of things.

The same thing applies for those that decide to make their home in a new land. It’s imperative to come to terms with the fact that things are simply going to be different as you start your new life.

After all, if everything was so great where you came from, then why on earth did you leave?

That’s a pretty common sense way of looking at things, but immigration advocates treat such talk as if it were heresy.

As they see it, folks simply need to adapt and accept the ways of immigrants while welcoming them with open arms. Nowhere in that line of reasoning is any expectation that the immigrants themselves may have to adapt to a new way of doing things.

Thankfully, the jig is up on that absurd line of thinking in many ways. Those on the Left have overplayed their hand with identity politics, and average folks are about fed up with it.

Common sense may very well rule the day once again before too long. In the meantime, we can celebrate the small signs of progress that pop up as we travel down that path.

Fox News reports on a victory for national sovereignty:  

Lawmakers in Greece are set to limit the powers of Islamic courts which operate in a border region that is home to a 100,000-strong Muslim minority — acting in response to a European court complaint.

Backed by parliament’s largest political parties, the draft law to be voted on later Tuesday proposes scrapping rules imposed more than 90 years ago that refer many civil cases involving members of the Muslim community to Sharia law courts.

The new legislation will give Greek courts priority in all cases.

Sharia law is an archaic set of principles that are reminiscent of the times of cave people.

It’s part of the Islamic tradition and followed to a tee in some cultures as a result.

Advanced cultures respond with furrowed brows and bulging eyes when they take a gander at the principles of the alarming set of beliefs.

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Thankfully, Greek lawmakers are finally taking a proactive approach towards dealing with those that believe it’s the way to go.

The changes — considered long overdue by many Greek legal experts — follow a complaint made to the Council of Europe’s Court of Human Rights over an inheritance dispute by a Muslim woman who lives in the northeastern city of Komotini.

While we can certainly view this as a step in the right direction for the people of Greece, it’s rather startling that it took more than 90 years for this matter to be dealt with.

Despite that, we’ll focus on the bright side: the jig is up for immigration advocates.

The curtain continues to be pulled back on absurd viewpoints and abhorrent belief sets, and that’s incredibly good news for the long-term well-being of common sense.

Source: Fox News

Steve Edwards
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