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State Forces Magistrate To Resign For Expressing Her Faith So She Fights Back In A Major Way
By Kay Johnson|March 1, 2018

This Bible-believing grandmother is just as brave as any I know.

Nowadays, it is very hard to work in an environment that welcomes Christianity. What is most unfortunate is that it appears that any other religion in the workplace is considered acceptable and even encouraged, except for the Christian faith.

In fact, Christians in the workplace are now becoming targets for the radical Left, who work so hard to push their beliefs of humanism, atheism, and gay rights on believers. So in turn, if a Christian defends his or her rights, they either get sued, fired, or forced to resign by these Liberals. It is a very sad situation, indeed.

However, there is one ray of light in our story today. You see, there is a magistrate in North Carolina who loved her job and enjoyed performing marriages as requested. But when gay-marriage was legalized in the state, she created a plan that would accommodate her beliefs but would still allow her to work in the office. Her plan was denied by a superior and she was forced out of her job.

But never fear. She decided to fight back, and the tables were turned quickly in her favor.

From The Federalist:

Gayle Myrick, a 68-year-old grandmother of three, loved her job as a magistrate in North Carolina…

As a Christian, Gayle could not in good conscience perform same-sex marriages, since Christianity reserves sex exclusively to a married man and woman. Yet she also didn’t want to prevent anyone from getting married, nor to feel he or she was treated differently.

After praying and thinking, she and her supervisor came up with a solution: they would alter Gayle’s schedule so she wouldn’t perform any marriages. The judge that supervises her office rejected this plan, and Gayle was forced to resign — just two months shy of being eligible for retirement…

A federal judge, Michael Devine, ruled in Gayle’s favor. He found that the state of North Carolina broke the law when it rejected reasonable solutions to accommodate Gayle’s religious beliefs. 

On top of that, she was able to obtain her lost pay and lost retirement benefits so she could retire the way she had originally planned.

This is a huge win for not only Myrick, but for those Christians who work in a hostile environment. Religious liberty goes both ways, so it is encouraging to see this magistrate win her constitutional right to free speech and free religion. It’s just a shame she had to go through all this drama to obtain what rightfully hers.

Source: The Federalist

Kay Johnson
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