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Texas Trump Fan Stands Up To ABC’s Lies, Buys Billboard To Set Record Straight
By Gordon Greene|March 6, 2018

This billboard is easily the best thing I’ve seen all week!

Sometimes, people just won’t accept the truth. It can be staring them in the face but they still deny it.

Liberals have been claiming for months now that the only reason Trump was elected is because of the Russians.

If that doesn’t sound crazy enough already, the more and more investigations we do into all of this, we find that it’s actually Hillary and the Democrats that colluded with the Russians.

One Texas man has had enough.

He is DONE  with all of the fake news, so he decides to do something about it.

See for yourself below…

It reads:

I grew up with you.
We are through. The Russians didn’t elect Donald Trump.
I did.”
–Kyle Courtney–


I can only explain it to people so many times. Trump gained the love and support of the American people and won fair-and-square as a result.

To continue to try and push the narrative that Russia bought my vote in some fashion is laughable.

Trump won my vote with his policies and platform — It’s very simple.

Dang, here I go again. Maybe I should rent a billboard too!

Thanks for helping spread some truth Kyle Courtney, I’m with you.

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Source: Fox News


Gordon Greene
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