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‘The View’ Host Caught in Worst Lie Yet – Sunny Just Claimed Republicans Trying to Raise Voting Age to 28
By Roman Kireev|November 20, 2022
‘The View’ Host Caught in Worst Lie Yet – Sunny Just Claimed Republicans Trying to Raise Voting Age to 28

What’s Happening:

Most common-sense Americans don’t tune into The View to tell them what to think. But it’s now a bad idea to pay attention to their political commentary, or at least let the professionals do it for you. Why?

Because some of the craziest lies about Republicans get spun on this show.  And these lies often come from politicians or are turned into rumors the opposition actually believes.

So get ready… this one’s a doozy. From Twitter:

Citing ZERO EVIDENCE, Sunny claims the GOP’s official position is to raise the voting age to 28. Literally, no one in a position of influence in the GOP is arguing for that. There was no correction by ABC News.

It’s unbelievable that in today’s America, where you can be quickly banned from social media for questioning the mainstream status quo, comments like these go unquestioned.

Top commentator Ben Domenech had this to say:

First, the main issue: there are two distinct standards in American society. Liberals seem to get away with everything, including election disinformation, while Republicans are accused left and right, whether or not they have done anything wrong. Their motives are questioned while liberals get the benefit of the doubt.

Sunny Hostin continues spouting lies and slander (calling conservatives “roaches voting for Raid) and the mainstream media keeps giving her a pass. To be clear, no Republican leader has suggested raising the voting age to 28. Maybe a random activist has, but the party does not stand for limiting the right to vote.

And Sunny shouldn’t be able to keep her job as she continues to spout this flat-out misinformation. But of course, ABC will keep her on; in fact, it looks like she read that comment right from a script. They seem to be encouraging these types of lies.

Second, the bigger issue: Sunny is right about one thing… Republicans do believe voters should be well-informed if they are to participate in our democracy. Unfortunately, Democrats don’t act like they believe this.

They are constantly pushing for lower and lower voting ages. Some blue areas are pushing for a voting age of 16, while others have approved voting for non-citizens.

There is no universal right to vote. One must be capable of understanding political issues and have an actual interest in the body politic they live in. That’s why people in other countries don’t vote in the U.S. That’s why my young children don’t vote.

But Democrats think that as long as they can convince young, uneducated people or migrants to vote for them, they’re for it. Ends justify the means.

The voting requirements have not always been age 18. It used to be only people who owned land or had a particular interest in government could vote. Today’s culture does not require such limitations anymore, but for a democracy to survive, citizens need to generally agree on the foundations of a government.

And it seems just commonsense that voters should be invested in the system they are voting for. Otherwise, they can be told to fill out their ballot however a party prefers, and they can be bribed by more government spending.

So, Sunny, we get where you’re coming from. We don’t want you sending off your son’s absentee ballot like you admitted to. We want an informed electorate that makes wise decisions for their country, not manipulated by power-hungry politicians.

Key Takeaways:

  • Sunny Hostin on The View falsely claimed Republicans want to raise the voting age to 28.
  • People who deliver election misinformation like this on mainstream news should be held accountable.
  • Voters should be well-informed and invested in their community and government.

Source: Twitter, Hot Air

Roman Kireev
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