Trump Plays ‘Mr. Tough Guy’ With Food Stamp Recipients, Saving Americans Millions Overnight

It’s far too easy to receive some form of government assistance these days.

Perfectly able-bodied individuals are essentially stealing money right out of your wallet and shockingly, liberals think this is just fine.

Well, it isn’t. And it’s even worse when that money is funding a deadly habit.

We all know there’s a ridiculous percentage of welfare people who also happen to be drug addicts, and this fact just infuriates hard-working Americans.

They’re taking our money to go shoot up somewhere, and the government is letting them do it!

Well, maybe not for much longer.

According to a new AP report, President Donald Trump may allow states to require drug testing for anybody using the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP); aka, food stamps.

Trump’s order seeks to “improve employment outcomes and economic independence for welfare recipients,” and things like food stamps have had severely negative impacts.

As Trump wrote in the order:

Unfortunately, many of the programs designed to help families have instead delayed economic independence, perpetuated poverty, and weakened family bonds.

It further stated that the government should do everything it could to “empower individuals by providing opportunities for work.”

This must include supporting programs that actually get people OUT of poverty, something Democrats don’t really want. They want to depend on the weak for their votes.

But Trump wants to empower an entire nation; he wants everyone under its flag to feel a sense of usefulness and pride.

Remember those two things? They used to be hallmarks of this country and if we ever want to get them back, it’s time to clamp down and get people moving!

Sources: IJR, Associated Press

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