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Trump Releases New Impeachment Evidence – Shows George Washington Would Have Been Impeached Too
By Mick Farthing|December 18, 2019

George Washington speaks – and America listens!

Through their entire impeachment movement, Democrats pointed to our Founding Fathers.

They said they were protecting the Constitution and our founders’ values, by pushing impeachment.

Democrats have consistently accused Trump of breaking the law. They are particularly outraged that he used executive privilege to deny the House’s requests.

They call this “obstruction of Congress,” one of two charges in their articles of impeachment.

But would the Founding Fathers back these partisans’ claims?

New documents show that our first President, George Washington, would have not.

From Western Journal:

Would our first president have agreed with our 45th on the issue of executive privilege?

Newly released documents — made public by the Trump administration to support its decision not to comply with congressional subpoenas on material and testimony from the executive branch unless the courts compel their cooperation — suggest the answer is yes.

Woah. Newly released documents reveal that George Washington did the same thing Trump did in denying Congress requests.

In at least three instances, George Washington refused to provide information to Congress.

After consulting with his cabinet, the first president decided it was within his power to keep information from Congress. The reasons varied depending on the case.

But it is clear that the father of our Founding Fathers believed that as president, he had the right to use executive privilege.

Especially when Congress was trying to overstep its bounds.

Today’s Democrats would have impeached Washington over numerous instances. They claim they must impeach Trump, because he refused to hand over information and witnesses to their kangaroo court.

Would today’s Democrats have the gall to impeach our first leader? Something tells me they would have.

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Source: Western Journal

Mick Farthing
Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.
Mick is a freelance writer, cartoonist, and graphic designer. He is a regular contributor for the Patriot Journal.
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