President Trump Sends His Supporters A Love Note—All Patriots Should Read It And Reply

Your President has asked for your help.

As you’ve seen, President Donald Trump is constantly attacked from all sides, and the assault never seems to end.

Atop the list of lying, propaganda-spewing enemies are the lobbyists and the media. Both seek to sway public opinion by misreporting and even inventing news.

The liberal agenda has never been more obvious, or more oppressive.

Conservative voices are actively being squashed by the media (including social media), and all forms of entertainment today seem to contain a severely Leftist angle.

Despite all this, however, Trump’s approval rating just recently hit an all-time high, and he’s asking his supporters to keep fighting.

Folks, stick with us, stick with us…”

“Remember that they have the biggest, best, strongest lobbyists and they’re doing a number.

Just stick with us, don’t believe the crap you see from these people, the fake news.

The audience cheered this and booed the news media, and then Trump slammed the NBC news report on tariffs that was, like all news today, entirely one-sided. And in fact, not news at all:

That piece was done by the lobbyists and by the people that they hire, it was a total set up.

Trump added that CNN was “the worst,” which is an absolute fact.

But these so-called “news” sources can continue to misrepresent the truth and even slander the President. Because it isn’t working.

Not only is Trump’s approval rating higher than ever, the country is doing better than ever from an economic standpoint.

The job market is the best it’s been in decades, and we’re finally shifting back to being a business-friendly environment. And taxpayers have more money in their pockets, too.

So, like Donald says, stay the course. Just keep ignoring the lies and skewed “truths” the media and lobbyists spew out on a daily basis.

Just believe in one thing: our President! And help spread the good word!

Source: Breitbart

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