Trump Asked If He Deserves Nobel Prize, His Response Is Pure Patriotic Perfection

Trump’s reputation as a tenacious self-promoter is well-deserved.

His many achievements in the business and political world have definitely earned him bragging rights, as anyone with more than a few brain cells understands.

While his hilariously cocky remarks have endeared him to conservatives, the left sees Trump’s colorful personality as a fatal flaw.

It’s painfully obvious that the lame-stream media won’t give the president the credit he deserves for his many accomplishments, so the burden often falls on Trump to tout his achievements, which he happily does on Twitter.

Trump’s groundbreaking efforts to broker a peace deal with North Korea have given him even more of a reason to gloat.

After all, the media constantly said that Trump would cause World War III, but he has proven them wrong yet again by getting Kim Jong Un to agree to denuclearization.

However, when the opportunity came to rub this victory in the media’s face, Trump instead chose to take the high road. And it was just glorious.

From IJR:

“On Wednesday, Trump was asked, ‘Do you deserve the Nobel Prize?’

He responded:


‘Everyone thinks so, but I would never say it. You know what I want to do? I want to get it finished.

The prize I want is victory for the world, not for even here. I want victory for the world because that’s what we’re talking about.

So that’s the only prize I want.'”

Despite that colorful personality, Trump’s comments prove he’s far more interested in results than personal accolades. And he cares most in securing peace for the U.S. and in fact, the entire world.

Obama never once showed this level of humility, and accepted the Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 because he believed he earned it, not because he’d actually done anything to deserve it.

In fact, the Obama administration was anything but peaceful. Both Libya and Syria fell into brutal civil wars because of Obama and Clinton’s incompetent leadership.

Under Obama, North Korea continued to threaten us with nukes. Under Obama, we remained at war in Afghanistan. Things in the world continued to get worse while the media continued to sing Obama’s praises, pretending that everything was perfect.

Obama’s presidency was so full of conflict that Nobel Secretary Geir Lundestad said he regretted awarding Obama the Peace Prize in the first place.

If Obama had managed to get North Korea to disarm, the media would have treated him like the second coming of Christ. But because Trump managed to do it, the situation will never be given the admiration it deserves.

But this doesn’t appear to bother our president, who has his eye on the real prize; victory for the world.

Trump’s modest answer shows what a truly exceptional leader he has become, and should make us all proud to be Americans!

Source: IJR

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