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President Trump Signs Hard-Hitting Order To Keep Our Kids Safer Online
By Gordon Greene|April 13, 2018

Every day, we find more evidence that President Trump is working for average Americans, from the oldest to the youngest.

Previous administrations were in the pocket of big businesses, special interests, and globalists.

But the Trump administration is putting Americans first. We see that in his work to restore our economic strength, with tax cuts and better trade deals.

Sadly, there are lawmakers who don’t care if we live or die, and certain evils that exist in our country go unnoticed.

Only now are we discovering the depths of sleaze that lingers in our own backyards.

This week, President Trump signed a law that will go a long way in protecting families, young women, and children:

Specifically, it will punish websites that profit from one of the most heinous crimes: sex trafficking.

From Breitbart:

President Trump signed a bill Wednesday that would give more power to federal and state prosecutors to go after websites that allow sex trafficking ads on their pages.

The legislation, known as the ‘Allow States and Victims to Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act of 2017 (FOSTA),’ makes it harder for websites to be protected from legal liability for content posted by its users and enables prosecutors to threaten legal action against websites for abetting sex trafficking.

‘I’m signing this bill in your honor … You have endured what no person on Earth should ever have to endure,’ Trump said, addressing the sex trafficking victims and their families at his side.

This is a great piece of legislation, and it’s really going to make a difference.’”

I’m sure many of you didn’t know this kind of thing existed, but the Internet is still very much the “Wild West” of our modern times.

New websites pop up all the time; it’s impossible to prevent them from being made. Anyone can use the Internet to push adultery, drug abuse, and even prostitution.

Only when our lawmakers confront the issue do things improve. It takes strategic steps to confront the ways criminals exploit the Internet.

In many cases, sex traffickers use websites to arrange “dates.” They can even lure unsuspecting victims into a life of sex slavery. All under our noses.

This law comes days after the government shut down one such site, Backpage.com; this sick website was used for prostitution and even underage sex trafficking. Disgusting and illegal.

But thanks to this new law, authorities will have more power to confront this kind of evil. We must continue to work to keep our children safe online!

Source: Breitbart

Gordon Greene
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