Trump Orders His Car To Stop – He Jumps Out And Runs Toward His Favorite Group Of People

A video of President Trump greeting some of our nation’s finest has gone viral, and it’s making us all proud to be Americans.

Trump is well known for taking the time to individually thank those who keep us safe.

Shortly after his inauguration, a police officer riding in President Trump’s motorcade was injured in an accident. What did our Commander-in-Chief do?

Well, he personally called the officer to check on his condition, thanked him for serving and wished him well in his recovery.

And who can forget Trump running to retrieve a Marine’s hat after it was blown off by the president’s helicopter?

These are only a few of the shining examples of the president’s respect for those who serve, and Trump’s recent spur-of-the-moment decision shows just how deep his admiration for our heroes goes.

From IJR:

“Footage posted to YouTube on Saturday shows President Donald Trump’s incredible appreciation for service members and first responders as it features him stopping his presidential motorcade to get out and thank a group of firefighters outside.

Just before pulling up to Air Force One, the president’s limousine in the motorcade can be seen coming to a sudden stop in the video.

After two Secret Service agents speak with him through the window, President Trump climbs out of the vehicle.

‘No, he’s not…’ one of the firefighters can be heard saying as the president walks towards them, applauding them the entire way. 

He then motions for the firefighters to come closer and begins sharing their hands.”


The president repeatedly thanked the firefighters, and personally shook each of their hands. He then rounded up the group for a photo, giving the firefighters an experience they will never forget.

Liberals, who can’t enjoy anything, insisted that the whole thing was staged because there was no way the firefighter filming just happened to have a camera.

But Michael Giordano, the fireman in question, said it was his uniform’s body camera that captured the video, and the encounter was not staged at all.

We were not expecting him to do it at all,” Fireman Giordano tweeted.

“We were even told that he wouldn’t be stopping to see us. But as his limo was pulling in, he was banging on the glass for the driver to stop.

This very human moment from President Trump appears to be completely genuine, doesn’t it?

It’s too bad that folks on the Left can’t see that, but their whining is only causing more Americans to walk away from Democrats to join Team America.

You know, the group that actually appreciates its heroes. You do, we do, and Donald Trump obviously does, right?

Source: IJR

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