Trump On The Warpath – He Launches Investigation Into Anti-Republican Company

President Donald Trump is sick and tired of rampant bias in the media.

He has to deal with exaggerations, massive liberal slant, and outright fake news every day of the week.

And the pro-Democrat, anti-Republican bias spreads far beyond the boundaries of traditional publication.

As many social media users know, “free speech” no longer exists on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

If you’re posting clearly conservative views on social media these days, there’s a very good chance it’ll be “flagged” by the powers that be.

And if that happens, your picture or opinion can be suppressed. They can make it so very few people (if any) ever see it.

On Twitter, this is called “shadow banning,” and they’ve basically admitted that it absolutely happens. But only to certain people…

Republicans, for example, frequently face “shadow banning,” simply because of their political views. It happened to a Breitbart reporter, for instance:

Breitbart News has covered Twitter’s practice of hiding tweets and accounts of conservatives for over a year.

On Monday, Breitbart’s Allum Bokhari reported on Twitter’s latest ‘shadow ban’ attempt on his account and other Breitbart News reporters as well as prominent Republicans. Recently, left-leaning outlets have also reported on the issue.

Well, this news has reached Donald Trump and he’s not ignoring it.

In fact, he has made a move that just might solve the problem once and for all: he’s launching an official investigation into this “shadow banning” practice on Twitter.

And why?

Because he’s a true champion of freedom of speech; because he believes everyone should be able to voice their opinion.

This is in stark contrast to liberals, who claim to support the same thing, but in reality seek to squash any viewpoint that isn’t their own.

And they’ll do it violently, if necessary … these people can be brutal and nasty when it comes to policing others.

But Trump has had it with the whole mess, and now he has vowed to do something about it.

Maybe if the Trump administration targets these social media giants for their unethical, anti-American behavior, the entire environment will get better for everyone.

Have you seen examples of your content being suppressed or censored, on Twitter, Facebook, or other social media platforms?

Source: Breitbart

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