Trump Officially Bans ‘Undocumented Citizens’ Name, Announces A Perfect Replacement

Donald just axed the Democrats’ favorite PC label, and his new one is 100% accurate.

We’re done with calling illegal immigrants “undocumented citizens.”

Of course, the propaganda-driven media will undoubtedly continue to use it, but Washington has officially axed the inaccurate term.

The Department of Justice has ended the debate over what this country calls migrants who illegally come to our country.

The “undocumented” term was favored by Barack Obama’s team (no surprise there); it was purposely implemented to imply that illegal border crossers wren’t breaking any laws.

But of course they were.

And now everyone is going to know about it, as Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions and his department have just announced:

From here on out, the correct term will be “illegal aliens.” From Breitbart:

The incorrect and deceptive ‘undocumented immigrant’ term is being deported to nowheresville by the Department of Justice, which henceforth will refer to unapproved migrants as ‘illegal aliens.’

The misleading ‘undocumented’ term was favored by President Barack Obama’s pro-migration deputies, but President Donald Trump’s agency officials instead will use the term set by federal law — ‘illegal alien.’


That’s right, it’s official, as far as our government is concerned.

If you want to have the word “citizen” or “resident” attached to your name, you will have U.S. citizenship “or lawful permanent resident status in the U.S.”

It’s just that simple.

The new policy is designed to erase the liberal push to hide the identities of illegals who continue to break the law.

And by the way, a shocking percentage of these illegal aliens not only broke the law to get here, they also continue to break the law while they’re in this country.

How many real American citizens have suffered at the hands of these illegals? And how insulting is it to those victims to keep screaming that illegals aren’t breaking any laws?

They are. And they don’t belong here. From here on out, they will be properly labeled by our government.

The Donald Trump administration lands another victory for common sense! Wouldn’t you agree that ALL of this just that: common sense?

Source: Breitbart

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