After ‘Undocumented’ Guns Down A Cop, Patriots Deliver A Gift To The Hero’s Family

If you didn’t know the sad news, a Florida police officer lost his life while attempting to take an illegal immigrant into custody.

It was a tragedy to be sure, but now the community he protected is stepping up to show their appreciation.

Police are the thin blue line protecting us from those who would do us harm.

But our weak border has forced police officers to also be the thin blue line protecting us from dangerous illegal immigrants.

This was the case for Officer Jobbers-Miller, who was shot in the head by a 29-year-old illegal alien from Haiti.

This hero’s death is not uncommon, but whenever an illegal commits a crime against an American citizen, Democrats in Congress turn their heads, refusing to acknowledge that these deaths could have been prevented had we secured our border.

So, we have to fend for ourselves. And we must honor the fallen.

From Breitbart:

Americans from across the country have raised more than $105,000 for the Angel Family of Ft. Myers, Florida police officer Adam Jobbers-Miller, who was allegedly killed by an illegal alien.

The GoFundMe for the family of Jobbers-Miller has now exceeded its goal of $100,000, raising $106,051 as of Wednesday. Americans from Ft. Myers and around the United States have left heartfelt messages and their prayers for Jobbers-Miller’s family.

‘I watched the funeral on TV, as I was home that day,’ one donator wrote. ‘I cried through the whole funeral, it was the most beautiful and heart wrenching funeral I have ever seen.

I pray for the Police Dept. and Adams’s family as they go forward.’

Watch highlights from the full honors ceremony below:


Wisner Desmeret, the illegal immigrant who slew this officer, had a long criminal record.

In the past, he has been arrested for drugs, trespassing, burglary and has been convicted of two felonies.

And yet, despite having a detainer filed on him by ICE, he was repeatedly released without deportation by claiming he had an “intellectual disability”.

Desmeret should never have been allowed to stay in this country, but because of the open-borders Left, we now have another dead police officer.

Politicians like Nancy Pelosi have the nerve to tell grieving mothers whose children were killed by illegals that sanctuary cities, “make us safer.”

The Left care more about MS13 killers than they do about you and I.

They don’t care bout your safety or the hopes and dreams of American citizens and their children. Americans should remember this in November and vote wisely!

A vote for a Democrat is a vote that endangers our boys in blue!

Source: Breitbart

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