American Worker Whispers Quietly To Trump—Donald’s Response Shows The Kind Of Man He Is

An American business leader got the chance to share a message with President Trump, and Donald’s reply speaks volumes.

President Donald Trump respects those who serve, and those who play a large role in America’s productivity.

So when one of this country’s most respected business leaders conveyed a personal message to the President, Trump’s reply was 100% patriotic.

It happened at the White House during a “Pledge to America’s Workers” event, which is fantastic all by itself.

Among the attendees was Microsoft vice president of military affairs Chris Cortez, who got a chance to speak briefly to President Trump.

First, he said he was very proud to be the chosen representative for Microsoft’s 10,000 employees.

Then, before Trump moved on, Cortez dropped the mic and added softly:

I served 33 years in the Marines.

Trump quickly responded, “Whoa, that’s fantastic,” and Cortez continued:

I served with [White House chief of staff] John Kelly and [Secretary of Defense] James Mattis, and you got two good ones.

Trump was even more impressed and paused long enough to shake Cortez’s hand again, saying:

Very good. You’re right. They’re great. They’re great. Thank you very much. Thank you.

Yes, Cortez has a long and distinguished military record, and he knows Donald Trump is a fellow leader who respects both servicemen and individuals who contribute to their country.

You might notice that Trump’s response to such people is always full of appreciation and pride.

Never really saw that sort of reaction from Barack Obama, did you?

Furthermore, the Pledge to America’s Workers event brought over 20 business leaders together, all of whom signed the pledge to train and hire hundreds of thousands of new employees.

American employees, to be specific.

As Trump said:

There’s never been a better time to hire and grow in America.

We’ve created 3.7 million jobs since the election. In the month of June alone, we grew the workforce by more than 600,000 workers.

We’re in the longest positive job growth streak in American history.

And it’s all happening because of one man: Donald Trump. This is a truth the media refuses to publish, so help spread the word!

Source: Western Journal

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